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Craig Owens played by comic actor James Corden.

Doctor Who Series 6 Episode 12 Closing Time Trailer

In this all-new episode, the Doctor pays a farewell visit in the last few days of his life to his old friend Craig, and encounters a mystery. People are going missing, and somewhere close by, the Cybermen are waiting.

Doctor Who Series 6 Finale: Is River Song A Black Widow? Minor Spoilers

Cybermats are back!

Cybermats, cybernetic creatures made their first appearance in The Tomb of the Cybermen, they resembled over sized metallic silverfish and had segmented bodies with hair-like tactile sensor probes along the base of their heads, which were topped with crystalline eyes. The Second Doctor described them as a “form of metallic life,” implying that they may be semi-organic like the Cybermen, and that they too attack by feeding off brain waves.  Also called “mats” they are cybernetically augmented creatures, sometimes kept as pets. Cybermats are can also be used for surveillance .” Source Wikipedia

Doctor Who “The God Complex” Over Night Ratings