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Craig Owens played by comic actor James Corden.

Doctor Who just ended and I am so excited I am having trouble typing. I actually screamed at one point. Next week is too far away! I am going to watch it again and again. It is one of those episodes that I will love for a long time.  All of I can think of is endless adjectives and I have given myself a headache from being so excited.

First I would like to say that I want a cybermat. They are weirdly cute.

Doctor Who’s Matt Smith Takes An Ood Goes To School

This is a very comfortable Doctor Who. At times it worked a  little too hard to feel sad for the Doctor but not to the point of being annoying. The Doctor definitely needed a hit of Prozac. Matt Smith is an amazing actor.

Craig is back and a little suspicious that the Doctor showing up signals something alien is going on around him. Smart man.

Doctor Who: Season 7 Set To Air In Fall 2012 – It Is Official

Just when you are relaxed in to the comfortable pace and enjoying a visit  with Craig, BAM!  You get a huge slap of pure unadulterated fun!

Normally, I have no problem with looking at spoilers and I have been know to hunt them out. But I am begging you. For the love of the Doctor DO NOT  try to find out what happens. It is so marvelous that you will be missing the whole point of why we are wild about Doctor Who.


Doctor Who’s Matt Smith Stonewall Award Nomination Sensuous Role As Gay Writer – Video