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Doctor Who star Matt Smith surprised pupils at a Hampshire school by dropping in to thank them for writing a one-off episode.

Doctor Who’s Matt Smith visited students at Oakley Junior School, Basingstoke, they were only expecting to see a preview of their three-minute show in assembly. They were shocked to find Matt Smith himself and an Ood from the popular series also turned up for the screening.

“They did a brilliant job” said Matt Smith he was impressed  of the work done by winning script-writers.

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Four pupils from the school wrote the script as part of a competition set up by the writers of the show.

Smith, who will star in the episode called “Death is the Only Answer”, said: ” What they’ve done with their imagination and their inventiveness is just remarkable. I think it was funny, well plotted, they got the tone and the madness of the doctor, they got the danger.”

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Katie, one of the school’s ‘scriptwriters’, said: “It just feels amazing to know that I’m the youngest ever person to write a script.”

The episode will be aired on 1 October on BBC Three. No word if we will be able to see it in the USA.

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