I am putting all the links together and leaving it up to you to read the spoilers.

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River Song, The Doctor, Amy Pond

Doctor Who: The Wedding of River Song – series 32, episode 13

Dan Martin

The many complex threads lead towards a simple resolution, and a few old friends make an appearance

Doctor Who The Wedding of River Song – One Question Won’t Be Answered – Minor Spoilers

Doctor Who series 6 episode 13 review: The Wedding Of River Song

Simon Brew

If you were feeling a little puzzled watching The Wedding Of River Song for the first time, then you might not be alone. The following seven consecutive Tweets that popped across our feed during the episode seem to be a pretty effective cross section of where people’s thoughts were. The Tweets, which we picked up after the episode, ran:

“I am so confused”
“What the hell is going on”
“Is anyone else lost”
“My poor brain”
“Karen is so hot”
“I could use some spoilers”
“Oh, I get it”

Doctor Who “The Wedding Of River Song” TV REVIEW

Dave Golder

VERDICT Remember back in the first half of the series when the Doctor would look at the TARDIS monitor screen and the image would flash back and forward between “Amy pregnant” and “Amy not pregnant”? I’m getting that feeling every time I think about the star rating for “The Wedding Of River Song”. Five stars! No, four stars! No, five stars! No, four…