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Karen Gillan’s first play,  review is not good.

“Inadmissible Evidence” sold out immediately. Due according to The Telegraph, to the Doctor Who Effect. Whovians flocked to see Karen Gillan in her first play. Unfortunately, the review is not good. The one thing that isn’t clear is whether or not Karen Gillan’s acting was unacceptable or if her good looks makes unbelievable in the part.  A Doctor Who fan review would probably be more informative for Whovians.

“I’m going to grab this with both hands”: Karen Gillan is in ‘Inadmissible Evidence’, felt to be Osborne’s best play.

John Osborne’s play Inadmissible Evidence may be a clever juxtaposition of the disorganised solicitor; the out-of-control lawyer; the supposed solver of other people’s problems being a mess.

Or it may simply be a boring, baffling, unconvincing ramble about a man who is cross with his lot and is disinclined to stop drinking alcohol, popping pills and seducing his secretaries.

This feels like a play written by a man in the grip of self-love and drunkenness. We are urged to believe that Maitland would attract women as winning as his office junior Shirley (Karen Gillan, best known from TV’s Doctor Who). Not for a second was I convinced.

By Quentin Letts

Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) Play “Inadmissible Evidence” Sells Out Faster Than Jude Law