Zachary Quinto and J.C. Chandor Discuss Upcoming Film “Margain Call”


Actor Zachary Quinto and Director J.C. Chandor participate in Livestream press conference to discuss upcoming film “MARGAIN CALL”, which opens on Friday.


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Actor Zachary Quinto’s latest film venture, the first for him as a producer opens this Friday. The synopsis of the film is as follows: Investment-firm analyst Peter Sullivan (Zachary Quinto) uncovers sensitive information that could easily plunge the entire business into peril, inadvertently destroying the lives and careers of his colleagues in this tense thriller set during the onset of the 2008 financial crisis. Over the course of the next 24 hours, Sullivan realizes that the decisions he makes will not only affect the employees of the firm, but the lives of everyday Americans from coast to coast as well.  The film,which is written and directed by J.C. Chandor boasts a stellar cast which includes Paul Bettany, Simon Baker, Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons, Penn Badgley,Demi Moore, Stanley Tucci….and the list goes on.

Quinto and Chandor participated in a Livestream Q&A session to discuss the project.


Do you think that the film opening on a week when Occupy Walstreet is all over the news helps your marketing efforts?

 J.C Chandor: I’m not sure. We’ll have to see. It’s certainly rewarding – it takes many years to make a film. I started writing about 3 years ago today. To be able to introduce a film into that environment is very rewarding. Whether it will help from a box office standpoint, we will have to wait and see. We wanted to give the viewer an entertaining look into this field. Hopefully it will give the viewer a greater understanding of who we’re protesting against.

Did you have a specific article or incident that inspired you to create this film?

J.C Chandor: No, there were several incidents that came together throughout late 2006, into 2007 and then into 2008. It wasn’t only one article. We were trying to make a somewhat universal bank in the film – so it was representative of many banks. That also goes for many of the characters. None of them were based on one particular person.

Zachary Quinto, J.C. Chandor

Zachary, why did you pick this film as your first feature film as a producer?

Zachary Quinto: I started a production company three years ago and I thought the script was fantastic.

Zachary, to prepare for your role in the film, I heard you spent a few weeks shadowing a few Wall Street workers at Citibank. Were they initially skeptical or hesitant to allow you to do that?

Zachary Quinto: The Citibank workers were really supportive and really available. They were able to help myself and the other actors.

What would you tell a person the reason to see Margin Call?

J.C Chandor: I would say a reason to see Margin Call is hopefully it entertains you for an hour and a half. We tried to make a compelling drama. The second thing is we tried to do is give the viewer insight into a world they are not normally privy. A world not normally available to them.


Margin Call is one of several films recently being released on VOD; what are your thoughts on the importance of a film such as this reaching as much of the American population as possible?

 J.C Chandor: I’m very excited to see where this experiment ends up. No one quite knows in this current market/environment what the best way is to distribute the film. But we are getting a 60/70 city release theatrically. For a small budget film, that is a very exciting release. To add to that, most major markets and many smaller markets can view the film on VOD. That’s exciting to get the film out to the widest audience. I always believe the best experience is in a theater, but I also have 2 small children and know going to the movies can be a complicated and expensive endeavor so it’s nice to know this film is going to get it’s widest audience possible.

Check out “MARGAIN CALL” when it opens in theatres on Friday, October 21st and visit the website at



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