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Best reason to buy Doctor Who Series 6, First Night River and The Doctor. The title is enough to make me swallow my own tongue.

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Who said, “Spoilers.” first?
The UK Doctor Who season six box set is released by 2entertain on 21 November, and SFX got their hands on a set of review discs!

The most exciting bonus on there is a series of five short “mini-episodes”. Written by Steven Moffat and collectively referred to as “Night And The Doctor”, they feature Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Alex Kingston, with brief appearances by Arthur Darvill and James Corden too.

WARNING: okay?

SFX has screenshots and short story outlines but says,”there are some spoilers ahead, but we’ve kept the big discoveries under wraps”
Click to or not to click that is the decision.   * insert evil laugh*

Doctor Who DVD Season 6 – BBC Release Date Nov 22 – Pre-Order Now

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