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Matt Smith as The Doctor.

There were rumors last week that Matt Smith was leaving at the end of next season.  Needless to say, this caused quite a stir among Whovians. Smith has won over fans and are not looking forward to having him leave so soon.  The speculation started when Smith responded to a journalist’s question about when he might come to America and try to start working over here. His answer included “Well, hopefully soon,” and that he had “another year of Doctor Who,” but could be easily interpreted in a variety of different ways.

Doctor Who News: Is Matt Smith Leaving Doctor Who ? He Seems To Be Saying Yes

During an interview about the  upcoming Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series, Matt says he has no plans to give up role any time soon.

“We work very long hours every day for nine months. The schedule is pretty brutal, but I’d never complain about it. I love playing this role, and I don’t want to give it up anytime soon,” he said.

“I feel very lucky. In the current climate for actors, I’d never say, ‘This is too much’ – quite the opposite, in fact. I’d say, ‘Bring it on.”

According to Doctor Who TV