This nude child's photo is the avatar of a Facebook page that appears to be catering to pedophiles that like little boys. When the page was reported the avatar was a closeup of a little boys genitalia. Facebook removed most of the photos of nude children but allowed the page to stay up.

This nude child’s photo is the avatar of a Facebook page that appears to be catering to pedophiles that like little boys. When the page was reported the avatar was a closeup of a little boys genitalia. Facebook removed most of the photos of nude children but allowed the page to stay up.

We have a strict “no nudity or pornography” policy. Any content that is inappropriately sexual will be removed. Before posting questionable content, be mindful of the consequences for you and your environment.  Facebook’s Policy

Note: I am not providing copies of the photos I reported or links to their page. If I put the photos on my website that are readily available on Facebook, my host would cancel my account! If you want more information leave a comment and I will contact you.

The first time I reported a profile for a photo of a woman’s breasts the profile was deleted. That was two years ago. The  profile deleting days seem to be over. Now Facebook deletes the photo but the profile, page or group stays up. There is no penalty for putting up graphic pornography. There are now pages and groups marked 18+. Consequently, graphic pornography on Facebook is growing at a frightening rate.

Last week I reported the page that seems to be aimed at pedophiles that like young boys “The Fun Wit 18” page is still up. A child’s penis was the page’s avatar.  Now the avatar is the photo above . There were several photos of nude boys under the age of 12 and one of infants posed like they were having sexual intercourse.  When I reported the page and that many photos of nude children, I expected it to be deleted and/or turned over to the local authorities.  The page is still there and some of the photos of children were left on the page.

More and more groups and pages are popping up with an 18 and over specification. The 18+ sites are not being removed even if they have graphic sexual content.

There are hundreds of “closed” 18+ Facebook groups that harbor pornography. The owners of the groups can add you without your permission or knowledge. It happened to me recently. I  was added to a group that greeted me with a photo of a woman’s crotch. A close up! I had been added to the an 18+ group without my permission. The group was setup for the purpose of posting pornographic photos of women’s genitalia. One photo on the wall of the group was a woman naked, on a toilet, with her legs spread, etc, you get the idea…not art. Even though I reported the photo and the group, the last time I looked the group was still up and growing.

My research has been very interesting. After putting 18+ into the search bar on Facebook,  I was shocked at how much I found. It only took a few clicks to find photos that ranged from breasts to a frame by frame closeup of the genitals of two people having sexual intercourse.   I reported 11 photos including one accurately labeled  “blowjob” . This time I made screen caps of the photos and I will follow up on each one.   All of these photos can be seen by anyone, they are not private and I did not have to like the page. The penis in the vagina closeup was on the main page and all I had to do was scroll down to see it.

While writing this article I checked my Facebook feed and found a photo of a very young girl. She is nude with her arms over her breasts. It had been liked by one of my friends. Judging by the close to 3,000 comments the photo was of an underage girl. The photo was posted on a page named “Amabo’s Dad”, hopefully she isn’t his daughter. The photo was reported numerous time throughout the post. However, it may not be deleted because it doesn’t show nipples and there is no option that allows you to report inappropriate photos of children. I also reported another inappropriate photo of a very young girl on “Amabo’s Dad” page.

Now there is a photo of a half naked woman with two of the largest breasts I have ever seen in my feed. It  was posted on “Narius’s Tittypage”. It was commented on by one of my friends.  The page is disturbing, there is a photo of a nude Narius being man-handled.

The most disturbing thing about pages like “Narius’s Tittypage” is the side bars with children that had liked the page.

“Narius’s Tittypage” made me curious and I put “tits” in the search bar. Yeah, I can see why Facebook wouldn’t suspect a page named “Big Tits”. There were so many reportable photos on that page I gave up.  The group with the name “Big Tits!” is an “open” group with hundreds of reportable photos.

If I can find this many violations with casual browsing why can’t Facebook? It is a simple process. Surely Mark Zuckerberg can find an employee smart enough to put words like “18+”  and “tits” in the search bar. Give me a call Mr. Zuckerberg, I need a job. I will work from home and you don’t have to give me medical or dental benefits.

In the interest of full disclosure I also reported a photo of a man standing on an infant’s neck, several for graphic violence and a photo of deceased woman that had been beaten and appears to have been raped.

Wait! That’s not all.

These photos can be viewed by ANYONE. You don’t have to log into Facebook!

Facebook should not just delete the page or group with these pornographic photos, the person that built the page or group and the admins should  have their accounts deleted. There should not be a second chance!!! They should also have their IPs blocked and be permanently banned from Facebook.  One of the things I noticed was that several of the porn pages linked to a page that sold shoes. Any page, profile or group that promotes that link should be deleted and banned.

People that post exploitative photos of  children should be turned over to the authorities.