Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series Blu-ray Comprehensive Review

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By  Stephen Compall

Heightened expectations and high risk were the rule of the previous series, series 5, of Doctor Who. The beginning of the reign of showrunner Steven Moffat (Coupling, Sherlock) promised great change, though for good or for bad, we did not know.

You might then expect something similarly revolutionary for series 6. Once you’ve had a taste of just how good things can be, as I have previously described series 5, you might feel deep satisfaction, followed by ennui, and then you try to make it happen again.
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But this time, the new boss is the same as the old boss. Series 6 is certainly worse in some ways than 5, but it is quite possibly much better in the exact same ways. Let’s call it an evolutionary process, whose outcome is not yet known. Read the rest of this comprehensive review.

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