Doctor Who: Whovians Need To Stop Asking Matt Smith About The TARDIS!

TARDIS joke is getting old.

TARDIS joke is getting old.
TARDIS joke is getting old.

If you see Matt Smith rushing through the airport resist the urge to ask about the TARDIS.

Well meaning fans always ask the same question over and over. Give the man a break! No matter how much he may like the part being asked repeatedly about the TARDIS has to start to wear on his nerves.  lol My guess is the second most annoying thing is mentioning a bow tie.

“Everyone is always asking if the Tardis is parked outside,” Matt told Day & Night. “The worst is airports – they’re like: ‘Did you bring the Tardis?’ and I say, ‘Er, no, I didn’t but thank you.’”

I am thinking, “Now that you are single would you like to go home with me?”


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