Lindsay Lohan’s Marilyn Monroe Pin Ups: Heavily “Stylized” Photos Have An Odd Look

Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe
Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe
The photos of Lindsay Lohan as a Marilyn Monroe pinup look strange, especially her legs, on the cover. They have a weird shape. The photo on the left reportedly taken after the photo shoot show a much curvier less deformed looking Lohan. Her rear end has been downsized considerably for the highly stylized pin up photos.

Lindsay Lohan is a beautiful woman and I don’t understand why the photos were so heavily Photoshopped.

See some of the Lindsay Lohan Marilyn Monroe Style Pinup Photos Leaked From Playboy here

The leaked photos of Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy spread were found on a peer to peer network. The alleged hacker says he is responsible for leaking them but not taking them from Playboy. According to the Daily Mail.

Lindsay Lohan’s nude photo shoot as a Marlyn Monroe pin up was supposed to be released as the January/February issue of Playboy next week.

You can get the entire photo layout of Lilo here.

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