Like “Whatever” Is The Most Annoying Word of 2011. Seriously. You Know. I Am Just Saying.

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It makes me want to scream when someone says “reached out” instead of called or contacted. Sadly it didn’t make the list. “Reaching out” is used in ridiculous ways. Goodness, the garbage company sent a letter that they were reaching out to customers about changing the freaking garbage cans.
You reach out to a victim. You call a freaking garbage company customers.

It’s that time of the year, again!  It’s time for The Marist Poll to reveal the word or phrase considered to be the most annoying in casual conversation.  And, for the third consecutive year, “whatever” receives the dubious honor.  Nearly four in ten adults nationally — 38% — say “whatever” grates on their nerves the most.


“Like” one in five — 20% — say that verbal filler is the most irritating. ‘Like’ was also #2 on the list last year. 19% despise “you know.”  “Just sayin’” gets on the nerves of 11% of the population compared with 7% who report “seriously” should be banned from casual conversation.  Five percent are unsure. Read more.

Click Here for Complete December 16, 2011 USA Marist Poll Release and Tables

Author: Losillë
Mother, wife and kinda old.