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Karen Gillan, Doctor Who's Amy Pond. The girl who waited.

We knew it would end. We knew it would be painful. We couldn’t help ourselves, we fell in love with The Girl Who Waited. Going on without her is too painful to imagine. Amy and Rory will live on and our little Whovian hearts will cry a little when we watch reruns.

The girl who waited is leaving us. On Saturday’s (Jan. 7th) “The Graham Norton Show” on BBC America, Gillan speaks out about her departure from the beloved series.

“I have known for ages that I am leaving,” she said. “It’s such a massive relief that it is out and I can speak freely about it. I’m back next year for a few episodes but it’s not actually confirmed when I go.” When she was asked if she knows how she’ll be written out and if Amy Pond could die, she said, “I don’t know, it could be possible.”

If she or Rory dies it will cause and emotional meltdown for people like me.

To paraphrase the omnipotent Leonard Nimoy, nothing in science fiction is real and it doesn’t have to be forever.

Someday we will sit our grandchildren down and tell them about the wonderful journey we took with Amy, Rory, River and The Doctor and it will still break our heart.