Miranda Hart could be appearing in Doctor Who replacing Karen Gillan (AmyPond)  and Arthur Darvil (Rory Williamsl.  (Image credit: BBC)

Miranda Hart could be appearing in Doctor Who replacing Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) and Arthur Darvil (Rory Williams. (Image credit: BBC)

We are all waiting impatiently for  the long stretch until Doctor  Who returns with series 7.  We not  get our yearly dose of Doctor Who until much later in 2012. Considering the shows that are being completed now will probably be part of the Doctor Who Anniversary bash, there’s lots of reasons to start getting excited now. Things are in the early stages but it gives us something to obsess about.

As production starts up, the rumors continue to swirl around Miranda Hart as a possible companion for The Doctor . She is the star of her own comedy show Miranda on BBC 1. Hart has been rumored to having turned down previous offers to appear on Doctor Who. Soon she will be making her serious drama debut in the BBC series “Call The Midwife” Even with her commitment to the new show she said to be considering working on upcoming episodes of series 7 of Doctor Who.

There is no proof at this point. Nothing has been confirmed by the BBC or by Steven Moffat, Matt Smith or anyone. Like most Doctor Who rumors it just wait and see while we search for scraps of information.

Many of us will search her photo trying to find something we can like. Amy and Rory are going to be a tough act to follow. We love our Ponds and it may difficult to like anyone that takes their place. As Whovians we have to remember The Doctor has to move on and when his heart is broken ours will be broken too.