Meet The People Behind The 2012 Las Vegas Paracon – Elite Vegas Paranormal!

2012 Las Vegas Paracon will be held at famous Bonnie Springs Ranch on August 31st – September 2nd, 2012

Article by Suzanne Philips

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Elite Vegas Paranormal

Elite Vegas Paranormal of Las Vegas is hosting the 2012 Las Vegas Paracon at Historic Bonnie Springs Ranch this August.  The event will bring several Paranormal celebs, paranormal groups and investigators, vendors and those curious about the Paranormal together for a weekend of great events.

The Elite Vegas Paranormal Society was founded in 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada by Brian, Linda and David Purdy. After years of dealing with David’s Night Terrors, and having little or no explanation for them, Linda began doing her own research on the little known subject, through books and internet sites. David’s Night Terrors consisted of acting out terrifying scenes of demons and ghosts at the age of 9. While these sudden outbursts during the middle of the night eventually stopped on their own, David continues to talk and see these apparitions. Over time, the family found that they all had a fascination with the spirit world. Fueled by the growing and ever popular televisions programs over the past 10 years, the family eventually came to the conclusion that starting a society of their own was the way to go.
  While the Purdy Family is always on the go, they always make time for their ghost hunting. They schedule their family vacations to visit and investigate well known haunted locations. Sites in Virginia City, Utah, California and  New Mexico have been just a few of the destinations of choice for their investigations. Elite Vegas Paranormal has been contracted to investigate one of Las Vegas’ well known hotel and casinos, and if you know Las Vegas, that’s not something that happens every day! Elite Vegas Paranormal prides themselves on the fact that everything they do for their clients, is absolutely free of charge! That’s right, they don’t get paid to investigate! They believe that if you pay a person to do an investigation, they had better find something, even if there is nothing to find.
  Since it’s beginnings in 2008, the society has grown in membership, to include people from all over the country. While the team has a core group of members that actually go on investigations, they always except new members that have a fascination with the paranormal.  The team is dedicated to the education and support of the people they serve. Sometimes, Investigations take weeks, even months to get answers, and sometimes, there are no answers to be found. That’s where the education and support come in, they make sure that the client understands what is happening, why it may be happening, and what is the solution, if any. Sometimes the answers are not so simple. The situation may require a specialist, someone that deals in that particular field. It is our job to contact a specialist that will transition into the needs of the family seamlessly, and with little disruption of the investigation as possible.
  There is no doubt, that the field of paranormal investigation is not going away any time soon, and that as long as there are people that require assistance with paranormal activity, unexplained anomalies in their everyday life, Elite Vegas Paranormal Society is always there to help.
CFM News spoke with Brian Purdy to find out more about the Paracon:
CFM:What prompted you to want to put on the Paracon?
Brian Purdy: We have attended several Paracons all over the Southwest, and found them fun and exciting. After the last one in October of 2011, Linda and I spent our trip home brainstorming about how cool it would be to have one in Las Vegas. After all, it’s Las Vegas, home to some of the largest conventions in the world. At the end of our trip, we had committed to bringing our own Paracon to life! While we understand that the 2012 Las Vegas Paracon will be on a somewhat smaller scale at first, we believe that on day it will rival those “higher end” conventions found on the Strip!
CFM: What kinds of things do you think the attendees will most enjoy about the event?

We feel that we will be the first to implement the “Mixer Meet n’ Greet portion to the event. While other Paracons have a period of time where attendees can interact with the Celebrity Investigators, everyone is usually getting ready for a night investigation, and time is limited. We are offering a four hour Mixer, that will allow our Paracon Guests to mingle for several hours with other teams as well as the Celebrity Investigators. Enjoy great food and drinks along side some of their favorite Celebrity Investigators, all the while, not worried about getting ready for a night investigation.
    Guests can enjoy the western charm of a true desert treasure, Bonnie Springs Ranch. While you can sit in as Ben Hansen(“Fact or Faked:Paranormal Files”), and others share their experiences of the paranormal, you’ll also be able to explore the rustic western town of Bonnie Springs Ranch. Take cover during a western shootout, enjoy the Melodrama in the old saloon, or witness a hanging on main street.
    If you haven’t had the opportunity to ghost hunt with a professional investigator, now is your chance! Each of our Guests will be lead by a Celebrity Investigator, as they are shown the ropes by some of televisions best known ghost hunters. Learn their secrets, techniques and tricks of the trade, as they try to make contact with the past.
CFM:  How can people get involved as an attendee or a vendor?
BP: Tickets are available at, and tables are available for those that wish to be a vendor for the event. Tables are $100 +$25 per person for the rest of the event. Tickets are $100 per person for the event, + $20 per person for the Night Investigation of Bonnie Springs Ranch with the Celebrity Investigators!
The 2012 Las Vegas Paracon is shaping up to be a one-of-a-kind, cant-miss event!  Stay tuned to CFM News in the coming months as we profile some of the attendees and events that you can expect at the 2012 Las Vegas Paracon!


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