Alex Kingston (Doctor Who's River Song) in Upstairs Downstairs Upstairs Downstairs: episode three Photograph: Nick Wall/BBC

Alex Kingston (Doctor Who’s River Song) in Upstairs Downstairs Upstairs Downstairs: episode three Photograph: Nick Wall/BBC

You can watch BBC programs including Alex Kingston (Doctor Who’s River Song) in Upstairs Downstairs by using Expat Shield . The Expat connects you with the BBC iPlayer through a VPN (virtual private network).

An over simplified way to explain a VPN and this service is like this:

Bob and Sue live in the USA where BBC shows cannot be seen.  You are Sue. You live next door  to Bob and you don’t have satellite or cable.  I am Bob and I invite you over to watch TV at my house. My TV has a satellite dish you can watch ‘Doctor Who‘ on BBCA, as long as you are at my house.

Pretend Expat is like Bob but instead of watching ‘Doctor Who’ on BBCA  on his TV, in his house,  you are going to watch Alex Kingston in ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ with Expat on his VPN in his internet connection.  It is legal for Bob to allow you to watch the programs on his VPN. (There is a download link by the video but I’m pretty sure it isn’t legal to download it you are outside UK. I could be wrong.)

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Three things you need to know before you download the program.

1. You need to know that while it is running there will be advertising at the top of your page. Hit x to exit the ad. After you have watch the program click on the icon on the lower right corner of your screen an exit Expat to stop the advertising.

2. It will eat ALL of your bandwidth so you probably won’t be able to do other things while you are watching.

3. If you like it, you can pay a fee . I think it is $29. a year to get rid of the ads.

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All you have  to do is:

Go to Expat Shield (I am not affiliated with Expat Shield)

Download the Expat Shield program and run it.
A window with Anchor Free on it will download the program.
While it is installing uncheck the tool bar box if you don’t want it installed.
It will open an Internet Explorer window.
You will see the BBC iPlayer icon click on that.
When the BBC iPlayer opens you can search for your show or use the alphabetical listing.

It probably isn’t legal to download the programs on the VPN. They can be purchased on Amazon. The more BBC products you buy, the more money BBC makes and the higher Alex Kingston’s wage. Don’t steal from Alex Kingston.  Upstairs Downstairs.

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 Download file DM-232 

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