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Article by Suzanne Philips

Photo Copyright Syfy

What do a sexy succubus, a handsome shape-shifting wolf and a quirky human have in common? They are all cast members of Syfy’s hit supernatural drama series, Lost Girl, and they are heading to San Diego Comic-Con! Lost Girl is the number #1 cable drama on Syfy among adults 18-49 and adults 25-54 in its time period.

Anna Silk (Bo) is returning to the internationally renowned convention, this time bringing with her some fan favourite cast mates. Silk, Kris Holden-Ried (Dyson) and Ksenia Solo (Kenzi) will lead a panel along with Executive Producer, Jay Firestone (Prodigy Pictures) and veteran Lost Girl writer and Executive Producer, Emily Andras. The panel takes place on Saturday, July 14 at 8:15pm in room: 6BCF.

Earlier in the day, fans will have the chance to meet the trio during an exclusive autograph signing session at FUNimation Entertainment’s booth #4135 where posters will be supplied for the signing.  Fae-natics who pre-order a Season One DVD at the booth will receive both a Lost Girl t-shirt and an autograph ticket while supplies last. Any remaining autograph tickets will be available on a first come, first serve basis beginning Saturday morning when the exhibit hall opens at the FUNimation booth.

Last month, Syfy announced their acquisition of the third season of Lost Girl, currently in production in Toronto, Canada.

Lost Girl was developed by Prodigy Pictures, in association with Canada’s Shaw Media and Showcase. Executive producers are Jay Firestone, Emily Andras, Plato Fountidakis, and Paul Rapovski. James Thorpe is co-executive producer, Vanessa Piazza is co-producer and Wanda Chaffey is producer.

For more info on “Lost Girl” or Syfy’s other Comic Con offerings, check out

Article by Suzanne Philips

Photo Copyright Syd Schultz

Syd Schultz

The 2012 Las Vegas Paracon is fast approaching and CFM is bringing you another profile of one of the great guests that will be on hand at Bonnie Springs Ranch for this great event!

Syd Schultz was born in Joplin Mo and moved to Springfield Ma where he had his first paranormal experience at the age of 16 at the Pythan Castle.  A former TAPS West Coast team member and former Western United States liaison for the TAPS family,  He has been seen on a Linda Vista hospital episode of Ghost Adventures, has worked with members of Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Lab, Bill Murphy from Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, Richard Senate, and Chris Flemming from Dead Famous & Psychic Kids.

Syd has been an investigator of the Paranormal since 2000. He founded the Pasadena Paranormal Research Society in 2005 and branched off to start City of Angels Paranormal in 2009. Syd started the Basic Training and Hands-On Workshop in 2009.

Syd has appeared on numerous radio shows and has been featured in several newspapers and magazines. The Paranormal Boot Camp offers a 1 hour class session preparing you for an investigation and a hand on with the equipment investigation. Syd is also working on a paranormal book, Basic Training and Investigating with all the up to date needs and wants that a novice would want to know.

Syd will be at the 2012 Las Vegas Paracon at Bonnie Springs Ranch from August 31st to September 2nd. For ticket information check out

Article by Suzanne Philips

Photo courtesy USA Network


James Roday and Dule Hill from “Psych”

USA, which is currently dominating summer’s television landscape with a record number of original hits, returns to Comic-Con® for the fourth year in a row with its critically
acclaimed fan favorite hit series PSYCH.  The USA panel will take place as Comic-Con kicks off on Thursday, July 12.

PSYCH, USA’s longest running hit series currently on air, will feature a panel along with additional surprises for their loyal Comic Con fan base.   As in previous years – guests such as Tears For Fears’ Curt
Smith, a performance by The Friendly Indians singing the show’s theme song “I Know, You Know,” and a hilarious shout-out from William Shatner — PSYCH will not disappoint the thousands of ‘PSYCH-Os’ who
will fill the ballroom, as there will be plenty of hijinks planned for the panel.  The entire main cast will be on stage, including James Roday, who stars as Shawn Spencer, solving crimes for the Santa Barbara police department in his own special way; Dulé Hill who co-stars as Shawn’s best friend and reluctant sidekick Gus; Corbin Bernsen as Shawn’s disapproving father Henry; and Maggie Lawson and Timothy Omundson who play the police detectives O’Hara and Lassiter who unwillingly rely on Shawn’s psychic skills, along with the police chief Vick played by Kirsten Nelson.  Joining the panel will be creator and executive producer Steve Franks and executive producers Chris Henze and Kelly Kulchak.

For more information on the Comic Con “Psych” panel check out  For more infomation on “Psych”, check out

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The new Black Keys music video for their hit track “Gold on the Ceiling” features giant waxy baby puppets of band mates Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, and is as unsettling as the song lyrics themselves. To create the video for the song about stealing gold and other precious metals, the Black Keys chose Harmony Korine, director of the cult classic teen party movie, Kids. The video has that “can’t look away” quality that is creepy yet compelling at the same time.

The colors are muted throughout the video, and the band mates sing their way through a series of strange environments, such as a barn, a wheelchair party, and a flooded street. Words cut across a blurry screen, providing some relief from the parade of bizarre visual elements. Once you watch it one time, you might feel good just never seeing it again.

However strange the Korine-Keys combo is, one truth remains: The Black Keys are esteemed rockers, and they’re only going to get more powerful. “Gold on the Ceiling” is a prime example of their new sound, which is a bit more edgy than their previous music.

The Essential Sound of the Black Keys

The blues guitar gives the music a soulful sound, and the Black Keys’ witty, funny lyrics add a welcome element of humor. The duo write primarily about women, hard living, and other blues staples. The live show is a real treat, so definitely be on the lookout for
Black Keys Tickets
in your area.

Their New Album Dropped to Rave Reviews

While this band’s acclaim has been building for years, especially thanks to their Grammy awards in 2010, the Black Keys are still the same low-key, funny, and heartfelt artists their fans love – just with a slightly different sound. The Black Keys’ most recent album, El Camino, features easy melodies styled by famous producer Danger Mouse. The album showcases the garage rock, soulful feel that the Black Keys became famous for, but with a modern spin that the predominantly hip hop producer Danger Mouse brings to the mix.

The Times Live promoted this album as more “accessible” than Black Keys’ albums and having a vintage, road trip kind of feel. While hardcore fans might think the new album is aimed at a trendier audience, the band sticks with writing and singing about what they know best, so longtime fans will not be disappointed.

They Have Famous Fans

Even if their peculiar music video is not to your tastes, the Black Keys music still impresses. They put on an amazing live show, and the intimacy of their music is not lost even in a stadium arena setting, where thousands of Black Keys Tickets are sold for one show. In a recent performance at the MTV movie awards, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney invited Johnny Depp onstage to perform with them. Depp called the Black Keys “up and coming legends.”

With El Camino, the Black Keys have proved they have the power to evolve while remaining true to the elements that made them famous in the first place. Whether you think their time has come or you think they’re still growing as musicians, the look and feel of their music hits deep – and Hollywood is taking notice.


Article by Suzanne Philips

Photo Copyright Dakota Laden

For those of you who might not know, the 2012 Las Vegas Paracon will be held on August 31st – September 2nd at the beautiful Bonnie Springs Ranch just outside of Las Vegas.  CFM has been bringing you an inside look at some of the guests and events that will be taking place at this historic event and this time we want to focus on the youngest member of the event.

Dakota Laden

Dakota Laden is a 16-year-old, self-taught filmmaker and editor from Minnesota. He started making movies when he was 8-years-old. Most of his first videos consisted of pranks, and gradually transformed into comedy skits. At the age of 12, he started a YouTube account (Shortfilmzz123), where he continues to post a new video every Tuesday. For the most part, he films with his
friends, and together they have produced over 400 videos, varying from action comedies and spoofs to music videos and improv sketches. Dakota has become an internet sensation and his YouTube site currently has close to five million views and two of his music video songs can be downloaded from ITunes. Dakota’s most successful productions have been his spoofs of the television show, “Ghost Adventures”, which even caught the eye of the Ghost Adventures Crew themselves.

He won a National music video contest, put on by The Travel Channel, which earned him a guest appearance on an episode of “Ghost Adventures,” where he had the chance to go on a lockdown with the GA Crew at the Old County Jail in Charleston, South Carolina. That episode was one of the most popular episodes of that season.

He created an online ghost series called, “Ghost Boys,” which consists of actual footage from paranormal investigations led by
he and is two friends which you will be able to view on You Tube soon.

Dakota is happy to be a part of Las Vegas Paracon 2012, and is looking forward to meeting everyone. For more information on Dakota check him out on You Tube at Shortfilmzz123 or on Twitter at @DakotaLaden.

Keep watching CFM News for more information on the 2012 Las Vegas Paracon and it’s amazing guests!


by Suzanne Philips

With the popularity of all of the Paranormal Investigation shows on television in the last few years, many people are looking to join an existing Paranormal Group or start their own.   The Paranormal Field has been evolving and improving due to the recent influx of new groups and investigators.  Unfortunately, as with any community, the Paranormal has it’s good and bad.   Below is a list of Tips for people who are looking to start a new group.


  1. Mr. X runs a paranormal group and has been on a nationally televised Paranormal show a couple of times a few years ago, which he feels makes him an expert.  Great for you Mr. X, now move on.  Of all the paranormal groups in the U.S. alone, I would posit that probably 80% of teams have at least one person on their squad that have been on a television show, be it public access, the local news, or “Ghost Adventures”.  The paranormal shows use so many people on their episodes, having been on one doesn’t necessarily make you an expert.  It’s a nice thing to have on your resume, but how you conduct your group 24/7 really shows the type of investigator you are.
  2. If one of your team members is on drugs or alcohol, get it taken care of.  Just because Mr. M is your bff, when they go off on a tweaked rant at 2am on Facebook for the world to see, it makes you and your team look ridiculous.  This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed – not swept under the rug.
  3. Don’t wear high heels to investigate.  You would think this would be a no-brainer because you are walking around in the dark in buildings that have seen better days, but it happens.
  4. Watching all of the paranormal shows does not make you an expert on investigating.  Opening up shop as a paranormal group and charging people ridiculous sums of money to investigate and claiming to be experts is harmful to the paranormal community as a whole.  It gives those legitimate investigators a bad name and sets our field back by leaps and bounds.
  5. When you go to a venue to investigate, be respectful.  The people in control of the sites are the ones who are giving you access, whether you are paying them or not, so being cordial to them just makes sense.  Going into a hotel that you want to investigate and telling them that you aren’t staying there because it is dirty and smelly is just not a good idea.
  6. Do network with other paranormal groups in your area as well as other parts of the country that you are interested in investigating.  While this should be a given, many groups are very territorial and tend to stick to themselves.  Working and getting together with other groups can expose you to new techniques and equipment.  It can also provide opportunities to investigate in larger venues that you might not be able to afford within your own group.
  7. Don’t bash other Paranormal people to your group.  If someone is touted as a paranormal expert and is on a television show or well known in the paranormal community as a “Para-Celeb”, there is a reason for that.  Either they were in the right place at the right time, the luck of the draw, or they actually are that good.  They are famous, you aren’t – deal with it.  You may personally dislike one of these people, but bashing them in front of your group makes  you look petty.
  8. Do have some policy in place in case there are conflicts within your group.  In an ideal world, everyone would get along.  In reality, this isn’t how life works so if you have a clear, defined policy on how to deal with conflicts among your group members, it will make life much easier.  Hoping it will clear up on its own is probably not going to work out for you.


You might be asking yourself if the people from the above examples actually exist.  Sadly, they do.  All the examples are true to life and hopefully illustrate the points I am trying to make.


I hope everyone understands that this is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek list of do’s and don’ts.  Paranormal Investigation should be taken seriously but it should also be fun.  Most of us participate in our groups in our free time and at our own expense, so it should be something that we enjoy.  I hope that everyone that wants to take up Paranormal Investigating gives it a try and has a fantastic experience with a great group!

Article by Suzanne Philips

Artwork copyright Scarefest

This September, fans of both Horror and the Paranormal will flock to Lexington, Kentucky for the 2012 Scarefest. Every year this amazing con keeps getting bigger and upping the ante with bigger guests and more events, and 2012 is no exception.

The Con runs from September 28th – 30th at the Lexington Convention Center in downtown Lexington.  Horror aficionados will see guests like Fan Favorite Clive Barker and the Legendary Malcolm McDowell.

On the Paranormal side, fans will have a chance to see “Destination Truth” host Josh Gates, “Paranormal State” and “Psychic Kids” star Chip Coffey and Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Nick Groff from “Ghost Adventures”.  Groff will also be debuting his new book “Chasing Spirits” as well as playing a concert with his band during the con.

For ticket and hotel information, check out the Scarefest website at and check back with CFM as we feature articles on some of the guests and events coming to this years Scarefest.

Of course, this isn't the real TARDIS it is the stand in used for background shots when The Doctor and the real TARDIS are busy.
'Doctor Who' Matt Smith man candy beefcake shot.

'Doctor Who' Matt Smith man candy beefcake shot.

Of course, this isn’t the real TARDIS it is the stand in used for background shots when The Doctor and the real TARDIS are busy.

For many years, the ‘TARDIS’ (Time And Relative Dimension In Space’) – time machine has been a mystery to Doctor Who fans with its apparent spacious interior.

However, the blue box, better known as the TARDIS, was looking decidedly empty as it was being dismantled following filming of the popular BBC sci-fi series, yesterday.

The spacecraft has been used throughout the history of Doctor Who to transport the Time Lord to any point in time and any place in the known universe.

The DailyMail filled a report with several location photos.


E3 First Gameplay Trailer

ee the all-new FIFA 13 gameplay in action. Including fluid Attacking AI and enhanced Player Impact Engine, plus the game-changing innovations of FIFA 13 1st Touch Control and Complete Dribbling.

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Blackberry FY13 – NFC


Weeping Angels, beautiful statues one moment and your worst nightmare the next.

Weeping Angels, beautiful statues one moment and your worst nightmare the next.

“Don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead. They are fast. Faster than you can believe. Don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. And don’t blink. Good Luck.”

Blink and you might miss them nevertheless the Weeping Angels are the best monsters in the Doctor Who universe, according to a poll. The Weeping Angels were first brought to life by current Doctor Who head writer and executive producer Steve Moffat, in 2007 episode “Blink”, the Angels are living statues, that can not move if they are being watched. If you close your eyes or look away and they are instantly alive and on the move, stone fangs and claws bared.

Steven Moffat’s “Blink” episode won the prestigious Hugo Award,  British Academy Television Award and BAFTA Cymru,  It was also nominated for the Nebula Award and the BAFTA Scotland.

More than 10,000 fans voted in our poll, with nearly half (49.4 per cent) choosing the Angels as their favourite monsters. Classic Who adversaries the Daleks were in second place with 17 per cent of the vote, followed by another Moffat creation, The Silence, in third place with almost 12 per cent.

The Doctor’s fellow Time Lord The Master, and Moffat’s microscopic swarm The Vashta Nerada, were in fourth and fifth place, respectively, with the Cybermen, Davros, the Zygons, the Ice Warriors and the Sontarans completing the top ten.

“Fascinating race, the Weeping Angels. The only psychopaths in the universe to kill you nicely. No mess, no fuss, they just zap you into the past and let you live to death. The rest of your life used up and blown away in the blink of an eye. You die in the past, and in the present they consume the energy of all the days you might have had, all your stolen moments. They’re creatures of the abstract. They live off potential energy.”

Voters explained why the Weeping Angels frightened them, “Not only are they deadly (look away, you die, blink, you die, look them in the eyes, you die)and fiercely intelligent (as shown when they steal Bob’s vocal chords), but it takes an everyday object and makes you wonder” said Alyssa Woods.

Read more from the voters and see the complete list here.





BBCA official photo of Matt Smith and  Jenna-Louise Coleman

BBCA official photo of Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman

Here’s the first official look at Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman on location for BBC America’s sci-fi drama Doctor Who. The show is set to return to screens this autumn with Jenna taking over as the Doctor’s companion from the Christmas special. It has been revealed that current companions Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, a.k.a. the Ponds, will depart the show in a heartbreaking storyline in episode 5.

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Doctor Who: New Companion Jenna-Louise Coleman Coming To Break Our Hearts

The Ponds are gone and this photo is proof of our impending broken heart. Our friend’s ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend and we have to retract our claws and give her a chance. *meow* She isn’t as pretty as Karen Gillan and I doubt she can die as well as Arthur Darvill does.

Doctor Who: Cowboys and Aliens Season 7 Trailer With Amy, Rory and A Token Black Guy

Daniel talks skating with the kid who got run over in this week's Web Redemption Extended Interview.

Daniel talks skating with the kid who got run over in this week's Web Redemption Extended Interview.

DanielTosh finds out if his trick was to get hit by a truck.

Tosh.0 – Original Skateboard Hit By A Truck Video

Tosh.0 Skateboard Redemption – Uncensored

Official photo of Lindsay Lohan and Grant Bowler as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in the movie 'Liz & Dick'.

Official photo of Lindsay Lohan and Grant Bowler as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in the movie 'Liz & Dick'.

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Lindsay Lohan seems to be part chameleon going from Marlyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor with ease.  While dressed as Elizabeth Taylor she showed more than intended. Her poorly designed costume slipped down during filming and of course the press caught ever minute of it.

There is some exposure so don’t scroll down if you don’t want to see the photo!

Lindsay Lohan Marilyn Monroe Style Pinup Photos Leaked From Playboy

After careful research of several sites I found  CeleBuzz has uncovered the complete story of Lindsay’s nipple exposure. The uncoverage of the story will show frame by frame of the convincing Elizabeth Taylor look alike.

This part of one of the photos you will find on CeleBuzz.

David Tennant and Billie Piper as Rose and The Doctor. If you look at the flow from his hands it his past incarnations.

David Tennant and Billie Piper as Rose and The Doctor. If you look at the flow from his hands it his past incarnations.

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Sadly the person that scanned this illustration removed the print.  “burning insistent question crawling over his skin. Who am I? Who am I?”  This illustration is from ‘The Doctor Who Storybook 2007’.  To see the full size image click here.

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Miss Ohio brings home the "Stupid Answer" award from the Miss USA contest. Audrey Bolte, channeling her inner airhead, stunned everyone with her answer.

Miss Ohio brings home the "Stupid Answer" award from the Miss USA contest. Audrey Bolte, channeling her inner airhead stunned everyone with her answer.

Miss Ohio Audrey Bolte seemed to wander around in her brain then say the first thing that she found.  When asked about the portrayal of women in movies she cites “Pretty Woman” as a positive.  She says, ‘Julia Roberts”, pauses for a response from the crowd and gets stunned and/or confused silence.  “Pretty Woman” is about a hooker who falls for a rich John. In the end she marries the rich man and *insert derisive snort* they live happily ever after. She seems to feel that it is OK to be a prostitute as long as the woman catches a rich man in the end. It will be a while before she live this down.

Judge Marilu Henner asked: “Do you think women are depicted in movies and on television in an accurate and positive way? And please give us an example.”

Audrey Bolte  answered: “I think it depends on the movie. I think there are some movies that depict women in a very positive role, and then some movies that put them in a little bit more of negative role. But by the end of the movie, they show that woman power that I know we all have. Such as the movie ‘Pretty Woman’. We had a wonderful, beautiful woman, Julia Roberts, and she was having a rough time, but, you know what, she came out on top and she didn’t let anybody stand in her path,”

Stop with the glow in the dark shoes!

Stop with the glow in the dark shoes! Post this video on the asshole's Facebook timeline.

Tosh.0 Next Web Redemption – Watch Skateboard Hit By A Truck

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Are you tired of getting tagged on Facebook with those damn shoe ads! Well share this on your Facebook Make Sure You Check out GUTTA WORLD MAGAZINE™ at “The Voice of Rap”

Skateboarder will get his web redemption on next week's episode of Tosh. 0

Skateboarder will get his web redemption on next week's episode of Tosh. 0


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Makes you wonder is Daniel Tosh an asshole or a genius?

Broadway may soon make way for “Lost In Love,” a new musical based on the hit songs of iconic duo Air Supply. The show has a “Downton Abbey” feel and features 18 classic songs by Air Suppl,y with four new tunes penned by the duo’s own Graham Russell.

Broadway makes way for “Lost In Love,” a new musical based on the hit songs of iconic duo Air Supply. The show has a “Downton Abbey” feel and features 18 classic songs by Air Suppl,y with four new tunes penned by the duo’s own Graham Russell.

Nicholas Rodriguez, known to soap audiences as Nick Chavez on ABC’s “One Life to Live” for which he received a GLAAD Media Award, has joined the cast of “LOST IN LOVE” for the sold-out staged reading on June 5 to benefit The Actors Fund. Rodriguez replaces Justin Matthew Sargent, who had a scheduling conflict.

The cast includes Tony-nominated actors Constantine Maroulis (“Rock of Ages”) and Andrea McArdle, Broadway’s original “Annie,” Grammy and American Music-award winner Graham Russell will be performing on guitar and Russell Hitchcock will be in attendance.

Air Supply, the hit-making duo of Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell, met performing in a two-year Aussie tour of “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

The show features some of Air Supply’s biggest hits: “All Out of Love,” “Sweet Dreams,” “Making Love Out of Nothing at All,” plus four new songs composed by Graham Russell, all newly arranged by musical director Jonathan Ivey “Jivie” and Josh Freilich.

The June 5 benefit is produced by Rick Newman and Peter Martin (Celebrity Autobiography.)  Robyn C. Lee will direct.

The cast includes Kristin Piacentile, Lynn Craig, Paul Jackel, Beau Allen, Wren Harrington William Blake, Jamie Epstein, Daphne Thompson and Wade Walton.

Set in the 1900s, the show has a “Downton Abbey” feel, and a man and a woman must decide to follow tradition or live for love.

“LOST IN LOVE” Benefit for the ACTORS FUND
The Triad
Tuesday June 5, 2012
5 p.m.
158 W 72nd St.
New York, N.Y. 10023

Tickets: sold out


The Actors Fund is a national human services organization that helps everyone—performers and those behind the scenes—who works in performing arts and entertainment, helping more than 12,800 people directly each year, and hundreds of thousands online. Serving professionals in film, theatre, television, music, opera, radio and dance, The Fund’s programs include social services and emergency assistance, health care and insurance, housing, and employment and training services. With offices in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, The Actors Fund has—for 130 years—been a safety net for those in need, crisis or transition. Visit



The New Music Seminar Selected Maren As NMS Artist On The Verge Finalist Based on Music, Merch, Concert Ticket Sales and Overall Media Buzz Factor.

Maren Morris’ Release Live Wire nominated by Fort Worth Weekly for “Best Album” and “Best Song”

GRAND PRAIRIE, TX _ Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 — The New Music Seminar (NMS), taking place in New York City June 17-19, 2012, has selected 22 year-old Maren Morris ( as one of the Top 3 NMS’ Artist on the Verge from a pool of thousands of artists.

Maren’s selection as NMS’ Artist On The Verge was based on more than analytics of digital and traditional music sales. This comprehensive Top 100 chart assessed touring history, merchandise sales, media and social media activity, as well as qualitative factors determined by the NMS Music Committee. Artists were further evaluated by using an arsenal of analytics from Musicmetric & Next Big Sound. The original pool of thousands of artists were nominated by Music industry experts, tastemakers and NMS Partners such as iHeartRadio, SoundExchange, BMI, Pandora, ReverbNation, Spotify, and many more.


Maren relates to folk musicians/singer-songwriters like Patty Griffin, but it doesn’t stop there. Maren’s country roots and indie spirit have forged a unique alchemy of sound beyond the confines of preset genre molds. No wonder Fort Worth Weekly, who called Maren a “tiny Texas hurricane of blue-eyed soul,” awarded the diminutive songstress “Best Female Vocalist” 6 years in a row and for 2012 the Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards nominated her for “Best Album” for Live Wire and “Best Song” for “Best Of Me.”

Maren has stretched her wings playing France’s Equiblues Festival in 2008 & 2010. She’s toured the UK, worked alongside David Foster and Paul Williams to assist musically inclined youth hone their songwriting skills for the Grammy Foundation’s Grammy Camp. She played Summerfest, America’s largest outdoor music festival, along with Heart, Social Distortion and Roger Waters.


Maren Morris will perform a special showcase on Monday, June 18th at Santos Party House, 96 Lafayette Street, New York, NY. The Top 3 AOV artists will perform in front of visionaries and leaders of the NEW music business, media and the music industry at the first ever NMS New York Music Festival. The Grand Prize Winner will then be selected the following day on Tuesday, June 19th at the New Music Seminar at Webster Hall, walking away with close to $150,000 worth of promotion, marketing, consultations and music equipment.


About the New Music Seminar: June 17-19, 2012, New York City:

From the co-founder and director of the original legendary New Music Seminar comes a conference for the Next Music Business. Rapidly changing music creation, exposure and monetization opportunities coupled with music fans changing music consumption habits are transforming the old “record business” into an entirely new industry. The New Music Seminar, with over 150 confirmed Players, is the meeting place of music visionaries, upstarts, and disruptors and where the old rules are broken and new ideas will hatch into a vital new music business. For more information on this year’s event and the speakers attending go to