Paranormal Investigator Syd Schultz To Appear at 2012 Las Vegas Paracon

Article by Suzanne Philips

Photo Copyright Syd Schultz

Syd Schultz

The 2012 Las Vegas Paracon is fast approaching and CFM is bringing you another profile of one of the great guests that will be on hand at Bonnie Springs Ranch for this great event!

Syd Schultz was born in Joplin Mo and moved to Springfield Ma where he had his first paranormal experience at the age of 16 at the Pythan Castle.  A former TAPS West Coast team member and former Western United States liaison for the TAPS family,  He has been seen on a Linda Vista hospital episode of Ghost Adventures, has worked with members of Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Lab, Bill Murphy from Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, Richard Senate, and Chris Flemming from Dead Famous & Psychic Kids.

Syd has been an investigator of the Paranormal since 2000. He founded the Pasadena Paranormal Research Society in 2005 and branched off to start City of Angels Paranormal in 2009. Syd started the Basic Training and Hands-On Workshop in 2009.

Syd has appeared on numerous radio shows and has been featured in several newspapers and magazines. The Paranormal Boot Camp offers a 1 hour class session preparing you for an investigation and a hand on with the equipment investigation. Syd is also working on a paranormal book, Basic Training and Investigating with all the up to date needs and wants that a novice would want to know.

Syd will be at the 2012 Las Vegas Paracon at Bonnie Springs Ranch from August 31st to September 2nd. For ticket information check out

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