Author Jeff Mudgett To Appear At 2012 Las Vegas Paracon

Article by Suzanne Philips

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Jeff Mudgett

“All of us, at some point, ponder our roots. We question whether those before us had anything to do with how we ended up. Most never learn the truth — they are the lucky ones. Many realize that they should have left well enough alone.”  So says Author Jeff Mudgett in his book “Bloodstains”.

“Bloodstains”, the true life horror story about a moral man forced to address the atrocities of his ancestor, H.H. Holmes, perhaps the most evil man who ever lived. The author’s quest for knowledge turns into obscession, then a struggle for sanity and finally survival itself… as his identity becomes inter-connected with the evil genes he inherited from the monster himself. The conclusion will leave readers questioning the good and bad of their own roots. Jeff Mudgett is the Great Great Grandson of Herman Mudgett, aka H.H. Holmes, The Devil in The White City, America’s first and most horrible serial killer. A true evil genius. The author learned of his ancestry during a family dinner when he was forty years old. Before that time he practiced criminal law in the State of California, having graduated from the University of San Diego in 1986.  It wasn’t until that dinner that he first learned he was the direct descendant of perhaps the most evil man that ever lived, possibly even Jack the Ripper. Once he did, Jeff went on the adventure of a lifetime, from one end of the country to the other, following every lead secret family heirlooms gave him. He now       spends his time searching for the truth, as well as writing his second book, Before the Eyes of Men, a historical novel about Spanish Gold on the California Coast. For more information, please log on to

Mudgett will be at the 2012 Las Vegas Paracon at Bonnie Springs Ranch on August 31st to September 2nd talking about the origins of evil and discussing his new book.  For more information on tickets to the 2012 Las Vegas Paracon, visit


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