“Silent Hill Revelation: 3D” Secrets Unveiled at 2012 Comic Con

Article and Photos By Suzanne Philips

“Silent Hill Revelation:3D” Star Adelaide Clemens

Comic-Con has always been a plethora of video gamers, comic book enthusiasts and fans of Horror and Sci-Fi film fans.  What better place for the star and director of “Silent Hill Revelation: 3D” to discuss their upcoming film?

Based on the very popular video game, “Silent Hill” became of the most successful video game to film transitions in history.  It was natural that a sequel would be done, and star Adelaide Clemens and director Michael J. Bassett  held a press conference at the 2012 Comic-Con to share secrets from this eagerly awaited movie.

Heather Mason (Adelaide Clemens) and her father,Christopher (Sean Bean), have been evading for years forces of a nature that she does not fully recognize. On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, plagued by nightmares and Christopher’s disappearance, Heather discovers that her presumed identity is false and her life’s origins too. This revelation leads her to an alternate dimension existing in Silent Hill, over which a cult led by Claudia Wolf (Carrie-Ann Moss) and the insane Leonard Wolf (Malcolm McDowell) holds power.

Director Michael J. Bassett

When asked how much of the world of “Silent Hill” viewers would have to know to  be able to keep up with this new film, director Bassett said ” None at all.  The whole point of this was that we created a sequel to the first movie, which continues the story of young Sharon Da Silva who, for reason explained in the movie becomes Heather Mason.  So it’s a sequel, it’s an adaptation of Silent Hill Game #3’s story – the mythology and that world and the ride that you go on.  But the truth of the matter is I had to make it a movie that completely stands alone.  If you know nothing about “Silent Hill” and you aren’t interested in mythology and have never played the games, this story works for you because it is basically about a strong young heroine who has to find the truth of herself.  So it works, hopefully-fingers crossed, on every level.”

Bassett also says that for this sequel “We didn’t use a lot of green screen.  We build the world of “Silent Hill” as much as we possibly could. Or we found an environment that we could apply that esthetic to.”

One of the most popular things in the first film was the scene where the ashes rained down.  So are we going to see something similar in this new film?  “You are going to see it in 3D” says Michael Bassett.  “It really is fantastic, because it’s slow.  3D really works when things are slow. The drifting of the ash, you watch it on the screen and you really are a little bit hypnotised by it.”

“3D I think personally goes hand in hand with the video game adaptation” says star Adelaide Clemens ” as an actor I kind of felt like I was there with the console playing and you kind of get to experience that when you watch the film.”

Clemens says working on Silent Hill Revelation:3D was “a physical challenge. One of the final sequence shots is of me running through the ashes.  They had one camera at one end and one at the other and I had to run probably like a mile – mile and a half to run.  And they would have a technical glitch in the camera and would have to stop.  But I was running and I couldn’t hear them and I would get to the other end and they would say “we didn’t get it we have to do it again” and I would have to run back and do it all over.  But that was also so exciting.  I enjoyed it.  I loved every minute of it.”

Director says to expect “creatures from the first film and the game in this film.  Fan favorites are in there.  In the game the monsters exist because of something in the mind of the character.  We do have old monsters, new monsters, very frightening monsters.”

Check out all the monsters and enter the terrifying world of “Silent Hill Revelation: 3D” when it opens in the U.S. on October 26th.  for more info on the film check out https://www.facebook.com/SilentHillRevelation.



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