Graphic Designer and Gamer David Purdy Shows Off New Logos

Article by Suzanne Philips, photo copyright David Purdy


David Purdy


Graphic Designer and Game Stop employee David Purdy has been a busy guy.  Not content to just do his own work at his job, he has been busy making game logos for his store – out of duct tape.  No you heard that right…..duct tape.  David got inspired to make the designs and has now been featured on his company’s facebook page, articles and all over the internet.  Shows where a little ingenuity can take you.

CFM News was curious about David and his logos and we sat down for a little chat to find out what make him start doing duct tape logos? “I always loved making art and I was on Reddit, of course, and saw someone make a duct tape piece (of art).” says Purdy,  “I was like “Oh Man, I want to do that too!” so I talked to my boss lady and she talked to her boss and they said I could so I did it!”

When most people see David’s designs, they can’t believe that they are actually made out of duct tape, so we wondered what the construction process was like.

“I make the logos in sections – the easiest way is to layer it.  I pre-draw the “logo” and start cutting it.  Then when I go to work, I lay down the tape, then lay down the stencil and start cutting with an x-acto blade.  3 and a half hours later, it’s done” says David.

Now that he has gained some notoriety from his designs, is Purdy planning on doing any more logos?  “I will be working on an Assassins Creed 3 logo which will be much bigger, a Halo 4, Aliens and many more!”

You can follow David’s progress at



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