Suit up with alternate costumes for Earth's Mightiest Heroes based on their cinematic look!

Suit up with alternate costumes for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes based on their cinematic look!

Captain America and Hulk are now available in their “Marvel’s The Avengers” costumes! You can see both costumes, along with all the other “Marvel’s The Avengers” suits available in “Marvel: Avengers Alliance,”directly below. But remember, these limited-edition alternate costumes are only available until September 30!

Captain America (“Marvel’s The Avengers” alternate costume) in “Marvel: Avengers Alliance”

To celebrate the Blu-ray release of “Marvel’s The Avengers” on September 25, you can once again get alternate costumes from the film in “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” for a limited time!

Team up alongside your favorite Avengers with movie-inspired costumes that not only match the look and feel of their suits from “Marvel’s The Avengers,” but also provide unique power-ups and in-game bonuses.

While equipped, these alternate costumes have the ability to change your character’s class and, with two Avengers in your party, they can perform a Coordinated Attack or Coordinated Defense when attacked.

Alternate costumes are currently available for Black Widow, Hawkeye, Iron Man and Thor, and keep your eyes on for news on more! Play “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” now and suit up with these alternate costumes quick, as they’ll only be available until September 30!