Hot UK Rappers Are Competing in ‘The Listerine Mouth Off’ : Trailer is a Sponsored Video

Vote and name your own mouthy rapper.
Vote and name your own mouthy rapper.
Vote and name your own mouthy rapper. How about ChinBoy?

Listerine has linked generations together for more than 100 years, it is one of the most recognized brands in the world.  Killing 97% of the germs in you whole mouth it stands out as the most tested mouthwash available. Unlike brushing or flossing, which works on only 25% of the mouth, Listerine works on the whole mouth.

Listerine has launched their official Twitter account and a new digital campaign ‘Mouth Off’ which aims to raise awareness of all the things people put their mouths through everyday. Fans can follow the official Listerine account @MouthOff_UK. Fans will also have the opportunity to suggest their own rapper personalities, by using #BadForMyMouthRapper.

Sissel Gynnild, Assistant Brand Manager for Listerine® says: “We are particularly interested in talking to younger adults with the YouTube campaign to help them reconsider all the things they put their mouth through. By including some amazing British rappers in our videos, we hope people will find the content engaging and fun”.

Mouth Off the rap battle where the dirtiest mouths get rinsed by Listerine Total Care. Join our host MC Total Care and pick and judge your own rap battles. Pick from 6 of the grimiest mouths spittin the finest flows and then see how they stack-up against MC.TC.

Pick from:

Sir Rap’Shallot
Anna Key
Lil’ Finger
Miss Tea

The Listerine® Mouth Off is hosted by MC Total Care in a battle between the mouth’s worst enemies to resolve who seriously is the ‘baddest’ for the mouth. MC Total Care will announce the winner who will then be followed by the ultimate beat-down rap. Wannabe rappers will soon be eliminated cause none of them is bad enough to beat Listerine® Total Care.


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