The Walking Dead Review: Yawn – Spoilers – The Suicide King

David Morrissey as the one-eyed Governor.


David Morrissey as the one-eyed Governor.
David Morrissey as the one-eyed Governor.

In the interest of full disclosure, I only watched this show to see David Morrissey. He is gorgeous and I fell madly in love with him when he was “The Doctor”. He starred alongside David Tennant as The Next Doctor. If not for Morrissey, it never would have occurred to me to watch “The Walking Dead”.

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“The Walking Dead” came back from the mid-season break with “The Suicide King”. The episode crawled into  the second half of Season 3 of the TV series.

The action slowed way down in “The Suicide King”.  The cliffhanger promised to keep the pace of the fall show going when “The Walking Dead” returned.  It didn’t. There was some action and the  occasional walker attack but they spent a lot of time standing around talking.  I didn’t expect “The Suicide King” to bore me to death.  Watching people gazing meaningfully into nothingness was starting to make me feel like a zombie.

Inside the Walking Dead: Season 3 Zombie Studio Tour with Greg Nicotero [HD]

This is where the series picked up: Merle (Michael Rooker)  and Daryl (Norman Reedus)  have been reunited after Rick’s assault on Woodbury. It wasn’t looking good for the two brothers when we left.  Their raid on Woodbury hadn’t gone the way they planed. The Governor (David Morrissey) now missing an eye, a zombie daughter and pissed off had dragged them to the Zombie fighting pit. They were expected to fight to the death.


  • Fortunately, Rick (Andrew Lincoln)  and Maggie (Lauren Cohan)  return, possibly to eliminate Haley.  Daryl and Merle take advantage of the subsequent chaos  to  getaway.  The Governor is wild and creepy.
  • The Governor forcing the brothers to fight to the death tends to make it a little more difficult to think Merle might be covertly working for the Governor, as some fans have talked about.

Eric Goldman at  made a humorous and true observation, “I have to point out the horrible performances by the extras in “The Suicide King, week, whose lackluster, clearly not really all that amped up cheering/yelling during the Rick/Merle gladiator scene was very (unintentionally) funny, especially since the ADR’d in enthusiastic yelling didn’t match at all.”

  • Rescuing Merle Dixon really set things into motion.  It was interesting to see how the writers play it out.
  • Glenns (Steven Yuen) has  turn out to be increasingly powerful actor  as The Walking Dead has continued.

  • I didn’t understand why Michonne (Danai Gurira), didn’t respond to  Rick’s question, “Do you know Andrea?”  Even people who accept that show is going to deviate from the comic book have to admit Michonne and Andrea are difficult to accept. We don’t feel empathy for them and they are far away from the comic characters we like to root for.

Chris Kirk at IMed with Future Tense blogger Jason Bittel and summed it up very well,  “I have no doubt this post-apocalyptic world would cause unthinkable emotional and mental stress, but in my opinion, the show doesn’t need it. You have so many sources for good, natural drama and yet they keep going back to the tactic used by daytime soaps something happens to thwart sensible communication and everybody has to run around screaming for a few episodes until they can sit down and talk it out. It’s perpetually Act 3 of a rom-com.”

  • There will only be eight more  zombie attacks then the season finale.  It is the eternal unrest of  a Walking Dead fan, waiting for the next taste of brains. See what I did there?
Rick Grimes in the "Suicide King".
Duct tape will not save you. Rick Grimes in the “Suicide King”.




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