Sean Astin’s Run3rd: A Global Movement Developed With Love

Sean Astin's website banner
Sean Astin’s website banner says it all.

Sean Astin is an American producer, director, voice actor, and film actor who is known for his roles in “Rudy,” “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, and “The Goonies.” He has already received numerous awards such as the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2003. Aside from being an accomplished actor, Astin has also started a global movement called Run3rd in January 2012.

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Astin believes that long distance running is one of the most rewarding activities that individuals can do. He himself has been long distance running for years now. Through Run3rd, Astin has encouraged and inspired people to participate in long distance running and dedicate their runs to the hopes, aspirations, causes, and dreams of others.

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Run3rd, which began as an inspirational campaign in Twitter, serves as an invitation to various individuals regardless of their gender, age, beliefs, background, and faith. The essence of the dedication is to share a piece of one’s self to others. Astin notes that there are 3 key dynamics when individuals ask for dedications. For one, the person who asks someone to make a dedication knows how to acknowledge the importance of valuing other people.


With the use of the hashtag #run3rd, numerous individuals have already made personal and special dedications to their loved ones. Astin states that he has been humbled and inspired by the dedications about loss and pain.


Due to the popularity of the hashtag, it is already embedded in various things such as runner’s shirts, hats, and pins. Some individuals even wrote the hashtag in their legs or arms. Astin considers this hashtag as a symbol of hope, selfish pride, and care for others.


Since the inception of the Run3rd movement in 2012, Astin has already participated in various running races and marathons including Race to Wrigley in Chicago, Illinois on April 14, Laguna Hills Memorial Day Half Marathon in California on May 28, and the Apple Valley Fall Festival Reverse Triathlon in California on September 22.

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For 2013, Astin will be attending several events where he will be participating in running races, making appearances, and promoting movie releases. These events include the Pasadena Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Pasadena, California on February 17, the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando, Florida on February 24, and the LA Marathon in Los Angeles, California on May 17.


When running for a cause, Astin makes sure that he carries the symbol of Run3rd with him. He also encourages other people to wear something that has the #run3rd logo in them such as bags, shoes, and hats. This way, they can accept the dedications of other people.


The Run3rd movement gives another meaning to long distance running. Aside from participating in marathon just for the sake of running, individuals such as Astin can dedicate their runs for certain causes. These causes may include cancer awareness or any types of abuse. Dedications can also be about positivity and good humor. Astin asserts that the movement has given him vitality while on training. It also has given him a new way to connect with his family, loved ones, fellow runners, and to the public as a whole.


Run3rd™ is trademarked by Sean Astin.

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