CineFix Highlights The 80’s. A Good Decade For Fantasy Films.

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The 80s provided us with some of the best live-action and animated fantasy movies ever. Let me ‘splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. There were swords, dragons, magic, unicorns, Hobbits, Muppets and Inigo Montoya to entertain us. The collection makes it difficult to select the top ten and impossible for everyone to agree which films should be on the list.  When the opportunity to write/argue about the top ten fantasy movies of the 80’s came up I  said, “As you wish.”

This was my opportunity to go up against Tom Fonss comedian and author who had to put together his top ten list of 80’s fantasy films for CineFix. The first thing I checked on his list was The Princess Bride. It had to be number one. Anything else would be, “Inconceivable!”  It might actually be the number one fantasy movie of all time.

He did not disappoint me.

Tom Fonss’ list for the best 80’s Fantasy Films:[hana-code-insert name=’Pre Order DVD’ /]
10) Dragonslayer
09) Ladyhawke
08) The NeverEnding Story
07) Clash of the Titans
06) Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal
05) Willow
04) Legend
03) Conan the Barbarian
02) Excalibur
01) The Princess Bride

With the exception of  Conan the Barbarian, I agree with the films listed but not necessarily the order.  Conan the Barbarian? Ummm no. The NeverEnding Story would be third on my list. It is one of the most unusual movies from that time period.

My list included:

The Last Unicorn written by Peter S. Beagle is an animated fantasy film. A unicorn, the last of her kind lives in an enchanted forest. She ignores the dangers and sets out to find what happened to the other unicorns. The adventure, the music and the art makes it one of Bass & Rankins best works.

Time Bandits  It has been said that there are two kinds of people: those who “get” Time Bandits and those who don’t. Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam directed and is probably why some people don’t get it. An eleven-year-old boy accidentally winds up in a world populated by dwarves, spider-women and a drunken Napoleon. It is weird and funny with a bizarre ending.

Fonss “the ultimate cool movie nerd” makes a new list of films from a different category  each week for CineFix on YouTube. Cinefix’s Youtube Page CineFix is  “the ultimate destination for true movie buffs and filmmakers on YouTube.”  It is a smorgasbord of videos covering just about anything worth covering.  The first video that came up on the site for me was, “Arianny Celeste Strips for Pain and Gain Trivia” her jacket flew off and I opted out. “Iron Man 3 Trailer – Homemade Shot for Shot” seemed more to my taste. It was! That was an awesome video! Using the Cinefix subscription option I will see more Homemade Movies every Tuesday.  

CineFix provide unparalleled behind the scenes access, candid interviews and dynamic original programming by both new and established voices for die-hard film lovers. It’s the most passionate film network that covers the biggest blockbusters, uncovers the smallest independent gems and entices members to contribute, critique and create.

Tom Fonss currently writes and performs in the acclaimed Groundlings Sunday Company. He is a founding member of the sketch comedy group “Big Boss Comedy.” He’s a performer in “Crit Juice,” a podcast and video series following actors and comedians playing Dungeons& Dragons while under the influence. He is the co-creator of “Petercannonball Productions” and the “Some Clean Shorts” sketch comedy web series. He’s been in numerous videos featured on “Funny or Die” and “College Humor.” He’s acted in plays throughout the Los Angeles area, including Suzan-Lori Parks’ “365 Days/365 Plays” at the Pacific Resident Theatre, and many others at the Odyssey Theater, the L.A. Theatre Ensemble, and the MET Theatre. He also performs improv regularly with Serious V-Necks, Dragon Dragon Dinosaur, and Hospital Flight.




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