Who Is Red John? The Mentalist – Red John’s Rules – Predictable Script

The best part of tonight's episode of "The Mentalist".
The best part of tonight's episode of  "The Mentalist".
One of the best parts of tonight’s episode of “The Mentalist”.

Why don’t they take some of the money they are saving recycling storylines and buy a descent wardrobe for Lisbon (Robin Tunney)? Where on earth does a supervisor wear skintight, painted on, low cut jeans and the men that work for her wear suits and ties? Her crotch has to hurt by the end of the day and most of the time she dresses like she is going to a rodeo. She does not look like a person in charge or anyone to be taken seriously. The top she was wearing tonight did look like something one would wear to an office but why jeans and boots?

The writers for The Mentalist (Simon Baker) are getting so predictable that sometimes it isn’t even worth the occasional Janism to watch the show.  They have pulled out the same storyline so many times that it is shameful.  It was painfully obvious who was killing for Red John.

LO AND BEHOLD!  She dies before they get a chance to question her, now there is a shocker!

The Mentalist comes from the  “Don’t Write Anything Original” book for TV shows  and mandates that:

  • the person has Sherlock Holmes/psychic/mental/powers of observation
  • working with the cops/CBI/FBI is only there (and hates it) because
  • their husband/wife/child/dog was killed by
  • a serial killer with an unlimited amount of money and access to EVERYTHING
  • with a stupid name like Jack of all Trades or Red John.

Spoilers kind of…

Tunney and Baker are excellent at playing off of each other.  Everyone that had an older brother understands how much Lisbon wants to get even when he teases her.  First he tells Lisbon that he has narrowed his list down to seven people, then refuses to tell her who they are.  She insists that she can be deceitful  and his impression of her “putting up a front” is perfect. You can almost hear mom saying, “Leave your sister alone!”

We were given 7 possible names for Red John. If anyone cares. I don’t care any more and I am not sure I cared in the first place.

Bret Stiles (Malcolm McDowell): The leader of Visualize Self-Realization Center

Gale Betram (Michael Gaston): The director of the CBI

Raymond Haffner (Reed Diamond): A CBI agent, Jane’s former boss

Reede Smith (Drew Powell): An FBI agent

Bob Kirkland (Kevin Corrigan): A homeland security agent

Sheriff Thomas McAllister (Xander Berkeley): A sheriff who helped Jane and the CBI solve a murder way back in the second episode of the series.

Brett Partridge (Jack Plotnick): A forensic analysis for the CBI

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