Pia Zadora mugshot. Zadora was arrested for domestic batter by Las Vegas police.

Pia Zadora mugshot. Zadora was arrested for domestic batter by Las Vegas police.

Pia Zadora, singer-actress, was busted on suspicion of domestic battery and coercion after a disturbance at her Las Vegas home. According to an arrest report, officers were called to Zadora’s home after someone called 911 and reported that she was going crazy and choking him.


The 61-year-old Zadora was booked Saturday into the Clark County Detention Center and released after posting $4,000 bail.

Officers entered her home after no one answered the door. There were people talking in the bedroom. According to the report officers ordered the people out of the bedroom, but they refused to exit. At that point, the officers left the home and called in a SWAT team. Eventually, Zadora exited the home with her son and was interviewed by officers.

Zadora told police, according to the report, that her family would not go to bed.

She grabbed a water hose and began spraying her family. She said she may have scratched someone who was trying to get the hose away from her. She said that later another family member tried to call 911, and she may have scratched them when she was trying to get the phone away from them.

According to the report, Zadora said that she did not come out side when officers told her to because her husband said he would take care of it, so she went to sleep.


She was arrested about 11 a.m., some six hours after police responded to a disturbance call at her home.

Police declined to release the name of the victim and other details, saying further information would be released Monday.

Zadora has been married to her third husband, Las Vegas police detective Michael Jeffries, since 2005. The couple met after Zadora contacted police to report a stalking incident.

After working as a child actress on Broadway, she appeared in various movies. When her film career failed to take off, she became a singer of popular standards
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