Dominic Monaghan: New Species of Spider Named After Him

Dominic Monaghan's spider name. Ctenus monaghani. (Photo: Peter Jäger/Senckenberg)


Dominic Monaghan's spider name. Ctenus monaghani. (Photo: Peter Jäger/Senckenberg)
Dominic Monaghan’s spider name Ctenus monaghani. (Photo: Peter Jäger/Senckenberg)

A recently discovered spider, Ctenus monaghani, will be named after actor Dominic Monaghan (Lost, The The Lord of the Rings). The spider was discovered in Laos by Dr. Peter Jager, a spider expert in the Senckenberg Research Institute in Frankfurt, Germany.

“As a lover of all things wild and a fan of spiders,” says Monaghan, “it is a real honor to have such a special creature named after my last name. The fact that it was found in Laos whilst making Wild Things makes it all the more special. Feel free to call me Spider-Man.”

The spider ran across Jager’s path during filming of Dominic Monaghan’s documentary series, Wild Things. Dr. Jager was a featured expert in the episode. He worked as consultant about the forests and caves of Laos.

The recently discovered spider is the Ctenus genus. These spiders are classified as wandering spiders. They roam across the jungle floor during the night and catch their prey with no web.

The first season of Wild Things was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award for Best Reality Series. Season Two of Wild Things is currently filming and is set for a 2014 premiere on BBC AMERICA.

The brand new spider is referred to within the journal, Zootaxa published June 11, 2013.

Source BBCA.

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