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The Sledge Grits: An All Girl Rock Band

The Sledge Grits: An All Girl Rock Band. A female rock band. Not many of these around now-a-days. These talented young ladies play
their own instruments and write their own music. Talk about girl power!  Truly a musical inspirations for the next generation of music.


Photos Copyright Tafriha Ahmed 2013



CFM Music Scene met up with The Sledge Grits at the Game Changers
concert held by InsideTheDrop.Com at Victoria Gardens on September 28, 2013.



CFM: Hi! If you could introduce yourselves.

Grits: Hi, I’m Ella, I’m 16 and I play bass.
Grits: I’m bo-Pah, I’m 11 and I play drums.
Grits: I’m Keiko, I’m the guitarist and songwriter, and I’m 18.
Grits: I’m Mimi, I’m 13 and I’m the lead singer.

Grits: Keiko:  I’m actually 17. I just had my birthday.

CFM: Are you jumping age on us?
Grits: Oh my gosh. Every time I’m older, I forget what age I am.

CFM: I heard you guys are sisters. How did you guys decide “Hey I want to be a group?”

Grits: We moved to Southern California from Florida. We were going through a hard time. Our dad was
dyagnosed with “Multiple sclerosis”. We were having a hard time with our house. There were 15 of us in a
2 bedroom apartment. (And) it was a hard time; so we started taking guitar classes at our school and we
just kind of spread from there. We went to our own individual instruments. Then we were on the CBS Early Morning
Show, and thought this could be a really cool career, so we just went for it.


CFM: Do you guys play multiple instruments?

Grits: Bo_Pah: I originally started on the guitar with Keiko and Ella , my sisters.
Grits: Mimi: I play the piano too but I still play guitar. We all picked up different instruments.
Grits: Ella: I started off with guitar, so I know the basics. I really quickly went over to the bass. I pretty much stick with


CFM: You guys were covering a lot of songs? Who is your inspiration for 2013 right now?

Grits: Mimi: I don’t know. I’ve been listening to a lot of ‘Lorde’ and ‘Adele’.
Grits: bo-Pah: I love the people that are out there doing something different than what you always hear on the radio. Adele is
rocking that right now.
Grits: Keiko: Also ‘Pink’s’ new album which is just crazy. We love her.

CFM: Where can fans find you guys right now?

Grits: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We have a new website too. If you google “The Sledge Grits band” you will find us.
The Sledge Grits Band is giving away a free download of their single “Mr. Life’s A Party”. What are you waiting for?
Click the link below to download the rocking song!

You can follow The Sledge Grits on Twitter: @SledgeGritsBand


Ben Stobber as "Ash" from "Evil Dead The Musical". Photo copyright Suzanne Philips/CFM

Ben Stobber as “Ash” from “Evil Dead The Musical”. Photo copyright Suzanne Philips/CFM

The Las Vegas Comic Expo was held this past weekend and the cast and crew of “Evil Dead: The Musical” was out in force to meet fans, talk about the show, and discuss everything zombie.

Saturday morning saw a panel entitled “Zombies and Pop Culture” which featured the cast and producer Sirc Michaels talking about the evolution of zombies in film, television and print.

Producer/Director Sirc Michaels. Photo Copyright Suzanne Philips/CFM

Producer/Director Sirc Michaels. Photo Copyright Suzanne Philips/CFM

Michaels gave a nice history of the appearance of zombies in films before talking about the “Evil Dead” trilogy.  A Q&A session followed with audience members debating if fast or slow zombies were better and asking questions about programs such as “The Walking Dead” and films such as the “Evil Dead” remake.

Lorie Palkow, "Cheryl" from "Evil Dead The Musical". Photo copyright Suzanne Philips/CFM

Lorie Palkow, “Cheryl” from “Evil Dead The Musical”. Photo copyright Suzanne Philips/CFM

The cast, which included Ben Stobber (Ash), Lorie Palkow (Cheryl), Kolton Rostron (Ed) and Greg Korin (Jake), spoke about their show, which is currently playing on Friday and Saturday nights at Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.  The Las Vegas production is the longest-running production of the musical and has been running since 2011 and at Planet Hollywood since 2012.  The show is an interactive production which features a “Splatter Zone” in which fans are given a commemorative t-shirt and sprayed with blood at various points throughout the show.  Those who want a little less interaction can choose to sit in the VIP or General Admission sections and still be close enough to feel a part of a show – without all of the blood.

Kolton Rostron, "Ed" from "Evil Dead: The Musical". Photo copyright Suzanne Philips/CFM

Kolton Rostron, “Ed” from “Evil Dead: The Musical”. Photo copyright Suzanne Philips/CFM


Greg Korin "Jake" from "Evil Dead: the Musical". Photo Copyright Suzanne Philips/CFM

Greg Korin “Jake” from “Evil Dead: the Musical”. Photo Copyright Suzanne Philips/CFM

The cast also had a booth at the Las Vegas Comic Expo where fans could meet the characters and have photos taken of themselves with Ash and the gang.

Producer Sirc Michaels also surprised panel attendees with free tickets to the show so they could come and check out all of the “groovy” fun for themselves.

If you are in Vegas, check out “Evil Dead: The Musical” at Planet Hollywood.  Tickets and more information can be found at

"Glee" star Heather Morris is mom to baby boy Elijah!

“Glee” star Heather Morris is mom to baby boy Elijah!

Original “Glee” cast member Heather Morris, who played the often confused cheerleader Brittany gave birth on Saturday to her first child, a boy she named Elijah.

Elijah is the first child Morris 26, and her longtime boyfriend, Taylor Hubbell.  A source said about her pregnancy, “Heather is glowing! She is so happy. She is really excited to be a mom. She is just amazed by the whole experience.”

During a Fitness magazine interview with Morris in 2011 she said, “I want to marry him so bad. That’s what I really care about. I want to marry Taylor and have kids with him. I love acting, but if it affects my relationship, then I won’t continue doing it.”

Heather Morris did not return as the fan-favorite Brittany for the fifth season of “Glee” on Fox.


American Red Cross and Loose Arrow band Clover Fire benefit at Win River Casino Event Center.

American Red Cross and Loose Arrow band Clover Fire benefit at Win River Casino Event Center.

The devastating northern California fire destroyed 68 residences and 128 outbuildings and damaged 5 residences and 10 outbuildings. Over 8,000 acres were burned in one of California’s worst fires.

The Red Cross and Win River is sponsoring a family friendly fundraiser that will include kid activities, raffle prizes and concert by the Loose Arrow band.

Join the fun starting at 7pm Friday, September 27th at the Win River Casino Event Center.

Adults: $10

Children 5-17: $5

Families: $25

Popular Actress and Director Linda Blair To Attend 2013 Las Vegas Comic Expo This Weekend.

Linda Blair. Photo copyright Linda Blair

Linda Blair. Photo copyright Linda Blair

Actress Linda Blair, probably best known as the star of “The Exorcist”, has long been a fan favorite at Horror, Paranormal and Comic conventions.  This weekend, the star will join other celebs and enthusiasts at the Las Vegas Comic Expo, which will be held at the Riviera Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

CFM spoke with Blair about conventions and the importance of charity.  Blair has a huge following and fans turn out specifically to see her at conventions.  We wondered what she gets out of doing conventions and expos. “It gives me the opportunity to meet my fans and educate them on what it is I am doing these days.” says Blair.  ” I just hope that the people that are so passionate about the horror films are as passionate about helping those less fortunate, help the animals in need and are good to others and contribute in a positive way in their communities.”

Linda Blair and rescue dog Tony.  Copyright Linda Blair

Linda Blair and rescue dog Tony. Copyright Linda Blair

Blair herself is very passionate about charity and runs a dog rescue on her property.  Linda Blair Worldheart,, is a group of inspired, motivated humanitarians who work tirelessly to fight animal cruelty by educating the public, animal rescue, and finding loving families to give the helpless a second chance at a happy life. The organization was founded by Blair to bring the much-needed attention to the growing problems related to animal welfare and the work required to stop animal abuse and neglect.  Please check out their website at for more information or to find out how you can get involved!

Image copyright Las Vegas Comic Expo

Image copyright Las Vegas Comic Expo

Linda Blair loves to meet her fans, and if you want to meet this talented actress and humanitarian, check out the Las Vegas Comic Expo this Saturday and Sunday at the Riviera Hotel and Casino.  Tickets and information can be found online at

CFM will have coverage of the event starting this weekend so check back for updates!



Up and coming boy band After Romeo, performed at Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga, CA on September 21, 2013.  The band performed a free concert for eager teens.




After Romeo originally started in 2006 and has evolved into a talented group. The members include Drew Ryan Scott, Jayk Purdy, T.C. Carter, Blake English and Devin Fox.

After Romeo’s performance was engaging.  Their live-singing and rambunctious style had the audience wanting more. Together the boys held the key notes and kept on dancing even as the stage was falling apart.


The guys took a second to thank fans and picked 5 lucky girls to go on stage with them. They’ve dubbed their fans “Juliets”. More than that,  After Romeo spent almost 2 hours with fans after the performance for a meet and greet.







Follow the After Romeo on Twitter: @AfterRomeoMusic

Follow the band members on Twitter:  @drewryanscott, @jaykpurdy, @TCCarter23, @devinpfox, @blakeisenglish



Comic and Pop-Culture Convention returns to Las Vegas’s Riviera hotel and casino this weekend.

Image copyright Las Vegas Comic Expo

Image copyright Las Vegas Comic Expo

The 2nd annual Las Vegas Comic Expo (, a family-friendly event, will return to the Riviera Casino & Hotel on the World Famous Las Vegas Strip located at 2901 Las Vegas Boulevard South in Las Vegas on September 28-29, 2013.


Las Vegas Comic Expo will again unite the comic book and pop-culture community’s huge and diverse audience of fans, creators and retailers together in one of the most renowned and unforgettable cities in the U.S.


Charles Lee, organizer of Las Vegas Comic Expo, has proclaimed that “Las Vegas has widely been known as an ideal destination for conventions, and since last year, Vegas has proven to be a city capable of holding comic book and pop culture themed convention events.”


Las Vegas Comic Expo will again feature artist demonstrations, panel discussions and the always entertaining cosplay costume contest.  Likewise, there will be vendors, artists, and writers in the exhibitor halls for fans to obtain autographs, art, toys, comic books, statues, and other rare collectibles.  Not limited to comic books, this is a pop culture event similar to the ones held in other major cities such as New York, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Orlando, Los Angeles, and San Diego, where the hip to be square celebrate its chic to be geek.


Fan boys and girls of entertainment like Star Wars, Star Trek, Hunger Games, True Blood, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Twilight, Walking Dead, and Dr. Who will converge in Las Vegas for an entertaining event.


Exclusive collector items will be available at Las Vegas Comic Expo.  This is just the icing on the cake for a comic-book and pop culture convention that will welcome thousands of attendees to the Riviera Hotel located right on the strip at 2901 Las Vegas Boulevard South in Las Vegas, just minutes away from the Las Vegas airport.


This affordable and fun convention will feature a wide variety of family-friendly and pop-culture must-see happenings including:


  • Comic Artist Alley featuring a multitude of beloved comic book creators from around the World including Mark Brooks, Joe Benitez, Jim Cheung, Whilce Portacio, Gerry Conway, Brian Pulido, Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez (the Hernandez brothers), Stephane Roux, Ryan Sook, Dean Yeagle, Carlo Pagulayan, Ale Garza, Agnes Garbowska, Brian Buccellato, Kenneth Rocafort, Philip Tan, Nei Ruffino, Eric Basaldua (EBAS), Joe Benitez, Glen Brunswick, Joel Gomez, Marat Mychaels, Jorge Molina, Stephen Segovia, Jay Anacleto, Brian Haberlin, Cat Staggs, and lots more.
  • Media guests: Kristin Bauer (True Blood), Sylvester McCoy (Dr. Who, The Hobbit), Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk, Celebrity Apprentice) and more to come….
  • Gaming, including HeroClix, Magic, and other popular trading card games.
  • Cosplay.  Tons of people dressing up as their favorite comic book/sci-fi/fantasy/anime characters, with the climax being a Saturday night costume contest and a Sunday afternoon children’s costume contest.
  • Panel discussions, autograph signings and meet & greet opportunities with your favorite guests.
  • Sunday Fun Day (Kid’s Day) events.

The show welcomes all audiences including those seeking a family-friendly environment.  And for people looking to experience the legendary Las Vegas nightlife, it’s just a short walk away to restaurants, live entertainment and gambling.


“We hope to continue to provide a fun, vibrant atmosphere that brings together the people who love and drive the thriving community of comics – the fans, the retailers and the professional creators – for a unique entertainment experience that will bring them back year after year,” said Charles Lee, organizer for the Las Vegas Comic Expo.

Tickets are $25 a day or $45 for a weekend pass.

To purchase tickets or access a complete guest list, program guide, and exhibitor information, please go to  Check the website often for updates and new guests.

CFM Entertainment News will be covering this great event! Check back this weekend for our coverage of all the events.


"Here Comes The Sun" From the Abbey Road Album is featured in this YouTube video from Glee Sings The Beatles.

“Here Comes The Sun”

“Here Comes The Sun” From the Abbey Road Album is featured in this YouTube video from Glee Sings The Beatles.

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it’s all rightLittle darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been hereHere comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it’s all rightLittle darling, the smiles returning to the faces
Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been hereHere comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it’s all right

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes

Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting
Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been clear

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it’s all right
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
It’s all right, it’s all right


"The Surface" starring Sean Astin, Chris Mulkey and Mimi Rogers.

“The Surface” starring Sean Astin, Chris Mulkey and Mimi Rogers.

Two strangers, both at the end of their rope, suddenly meet in the middle of the unpredictable waters of Lake Michigan.

Cast – Starring Sean Astin and Chris Mulkey, and featuring Mimi Rogers!


Sean Astin:  one of the stars of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Rudy, Memphis Belle, 50 First Dates, Toy Soldiers, The Goonies and many other films and TV shows.


Chris Mulkey:  co-starred with Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips and has starred in many TV shows including CSI, Boardwalk Empire, The Mentalist, Saving Grace and 24.


Mimi Rogers:   Austin Powers, Someone to Watch Over Me, Lost in Space, Dumb and Dumberer, Two and a Half Men and many other films and TV shows.

Milwaukee native Jeff Gendelman wrote “The Surface” and brought his dream of having a story featuring Lake Michigan to life.

“The premise has always been two strangers who are both at the end of their rope suddenly meet in the middle of the unpredictable waters of Lake Michigan,” Gendelman said. “The script itself has been through 75 drafts and 100 polishes over the years, but it’s still pretty much the same idea.”
“Even though it’s a universally themed story, it was always meant to be shot here,” Gendelman said. “Even 18 years ago in 1995, when I penned the first draft, we needed Lake Michigan, not doubling Lake Michigan with the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic for Lake Michigan. It’s just a different character, a different look.”

Read the rest of “The Surface” interview here.





Sam Trammell of "True Blood". Photo Copyright Suzanne Philips

Sam Trammell of “True Blood”. Photo Copyright Suzanne Philips


Fans of HBO’s hugely popular Vampire show “True Blood” swarmed the Lexington Convention Center on Saturday, September 14th for the 6th annual Scarefest to meet their favorite actors from the show.


Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte), Jim Parrack (Hoyt Fortenberry), Rutina Wesley(Tara Thornton) , Janina Gavankar (Luna Garza) and Jessica Clark (Lillith) all turned up to meet fans and hold a special panel to discuss the show.

Jessica Clark of "True Blood".  Photo Copyright Suzanne Philips

Jessica Clark of “True Blood”. Photo Copyright Suzanne Philips


Jessica Clark, who plays the Vampire Goddess Lillith, was asked how difficult it was to get all of the fake blood off after shooting.  “It’s really hard to get out.  At the end of the day, I shower, scrub it off and repeat two to three times.”   Clark’s character Lillith is covered head to toe in blood in nearly every scene.  Clark said that when she was presented with the role, she assumed it was going to be a little bit of blood sprayed on but in actuality it was more of a blood “bath”.

The “True Blood” stars held a jam-packed panel during the con to discuss the revelations of Season 6 and the upcoming 7th season, which will be the series last.  Attendees lined up hours in advance to get a spot in the Heritage Ballroom to get all the info from the stars themselves.


Season 7 of “True Blood” will air on HBO in 2014.


Zak Bagans of "Ghost Adventures". Photo copyright Suzanne Philips

Zak Bagans of “Ghost Adventures”. Photo copyright Suzanne Philips

The 2013 Scarefest  held in Lexington Kentucky started on Friday the Thirteenth and there could not have been a more fitting day for the Region’s biggest Horror and Paranormal convention to begin!

"Ghost Adventures" Star Aaron Goodwin. Photo Copyright Suzanne Philips

“Ghost Adventures” Star Aaron Goodwin. Photo Copyright Suzanne Philips

"True Blood" Star Jessica Clark.  Photo Copyright Suzanne Philips

“True Blood” Star Jessica Clark. Photo Copyright Suzanne Philips

Stars from classic horror films like “Halloween” and “Friday the 13th” joined Paranormal celebrities like Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin of “Ghost Adventures”,  Grant Wilson, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango from “Ghost Hunters” and Josh Gates from “Destination Truth” to walk the “black carpet” to officially kick off the 3-day event.

"Destination Truth" Star Josh Gates.  Photo copyright Suzanne Philips

“Destination Truth” Star Josh Gates. Photo copyright Suzanne Philips

Vendors with everything from creepy contact lenses to classic film posters and original artwork were set up to make sure attendees left with one-of-a kind items.

Grant Wilson and Adam Berry from "Ghost Hunters". Photo Copyright Suzanne Philips

Grant Wilson and Adam Berry from “Ghost Hunters”. Photo Copyright Suzanne Philips

The Scarefest was even bigger this year with more space and bigger guests.  Check out our other reports on the weekends festivities to delve deeper into Scarefest 6!

"Haunted Collector" Star John Zaffis. Photo Copyright Suzanne Philips

“Haunted Collector” Star John Zaffis. Photo Copyright Suzanne Philips


"Ghost Adventures"'s Billy Tolley and Aaron Goodwin. Photo Copyright Suzanne Philips

“Ghost Adventures”‘s Billy Tolley and Aaron Goodwin. Photo Copyright Suzanne Philips



Bigger Stars and More Activities at this year’s ScareFest Horror and Paranormal Convention and The Portal Gaming Event!   sf6-logo-300x145 We begin the celebrations this year, on Friday 13th at 3:00pm with Our Black Carpet arrival of the stars. After that it is the beginning of a fun three day event filled with stars, vendors, bands, ghost investigations, free seminars, wrestlers, a magic show, a freak show, a video game truck and of course parties to include VIP, costume and superstitions. The evenings will be filled with haunted houses in the area that are working with ScareFest to continue the scare into the night along with midnight horror movies at the Kentucky Theater. This year ScareFest is also introducing a new and exciting fandom event. The Portal, with a Gaming Area, is a new event that will house our table top, live action role playing, cosplay, vendors, and workshops as well. There will be gaming going during the weekend and all night on Friday through Saturday. ScareFest is very excited to announce that Izzy’s Little Creepers will be presenting the ScareFest Film Festival at this year’s ScareFest. For more information or to get tickets for this year’s event visit



Move over Justin Timberlake—Glenn Douglas Packard is now the guy bringing Sexyback!

The multi-talented, Emmy nominated choreographer the New York Times once dubbed a “dancing entrepreneur” is bringing sexy to a whole new level, partnering with 98 Degrees’ Jeff Timmons on Men of the Strip”—an explosive, revolutionary new live male revue entertainment extravaganza. Like all of Packard’s high-energy productions, the show will feature a full spectrum of fresh choreography, sexy numbers, singing and dancing by each of the performers, a wide range of music and dynamic-like Cirque Du Soleil elements.

Drawing on the unique casting aesthetic of Backstreet Boys and ‘N Syncimpresario Lou Pearlman, Packard did an extensive search via casting and modeling agencies in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and Miami to find the perfect eight guys to launch “Men of the Strip” on a multi-media platform. That platform includes a currently in development reality TV show, an extensive promotional tour and, ultimately, a residency at a top hotel and casino on the Vegas Strip. The key will be for each of the “Men of the Strip” performers to create their own individual brands, in addition to helping develop the branding of the franchise.

Packard is perhaps best known on the cultural landscape for his reality TV turn asBrooke Hogan‘s openly gay roommate on the 2008-9 VH1 show “Brooke Knows Best.” On the first episode, when Brooke’s dad, wrestling icon Hulk Hogan, makes it clear he didn’t want any heterosexual or bisexual men living with his daughter, he asked Packard “How gay are you on a scale of one to 10?” Packard’s proud and long out reply: “I’m a 10 gay.”

Packard first met Timmons when both were working on Mission Man Band, a 2007 VH1 series about launching a new band with various members from successful pop acts. The two friends recently meet in Vegas and decided to create the new face and look of male revue.



Drawing on this unique element of his multi-faceted entertainment background, Packard had on camera appeal as well as stage presence and dancing and singing skills in mind when he did his casting for “Men of the Strip.”

“With ‘Magic Mike’ blowing up in Pop Culture, Jeff and I jumped on the ability to step it up and create our own male revue,” says Packard. “I was looking for beautiful guys with beautiful bodies who could move, but on top of that, a key part of the audition process, once Jeff and I narrowed our list down to 30 guys, was the personal interview process. I’ve seen thousands of sexy faces and bodies, but we needed to know their personalities, why they were getting into the business, what made them tick, and how they would come across on TV. We were thinking reality characters with good stories, searching for different types of characters from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds who would work well together. We filmed the whole audition process and that will be part of the reality show too.”

Also included in the show will be scenes of these macho Alpha males being put through Packard’s hardcore stripper boot camp like training and rehearsal regiment. As Timmons put it, “Glenn is this hard driving dude putting these perfectly built human trucks through hell – and at the end of it, they look great and are very different people.”

Packard, a scholarship student of Alvin Ailey’s American Dance Theatre in NYC, brings a powerhouse all-star resume to the development of “Men of the Strip.” Emmy nominated for “Best Choreography” for his work on the historic 2001 concert and TV presentation “Michael Jackson’s 30th Anniversary Celebration” (an all-star tribute to the King of Pop, his live stage and video productions include work withRicky Martin, P!nk, Usher, Missy Elliot, Daddy Yankee and the late Whitney Houston.

Beyond his professional accolades, Packard likens his multi-faceted journey to that of the iconic film character Forrest Gump. Only instead of “Run Forrest Run,” it’s “Dance Glenn Dance!” The fanciful, upbeat spin on Packard’s story is that he went from milking cows on his family’s dairy farm in Clare, Mich. to dancing for two kings: King of Pop Michael Jackson and the King of Morocco. But there was near tragedy along the way.

Planning to take over the family business, at age 19, he was in a devastating farm accident that broke his back and nearly cost him his right leg. In and out of hospitals for over a year, Packard’s body experienced an infection that almost took his life. While lying in the hospital, he promised himself that if God helped him recover, he would do the one thing he always dreamed of doing: enroll in dance school. While dance and choreography became the focus of his professional life, Packard’s vocal talents earned him a spot in Pearlman’s other boy band “twONEty” (21). The group toured Europe, performing in 75 cities in 15 countries.

While Packard is going full force with “Men of the Strip” —an admittedly “straight male show designed for straight women to enjoy”—he hasn’t forgotten his roots in the gay community. During his days on “Brooke Knows Best,” he was a prominent icon and inspirational spokesperson for gay rights and gay pride, making numerous appearances on TV and on the covers of gay-oriented publications.

Packard is also a spokesman for The Bullying Academy, which includes giving many speeches in schools and for public organizations.

Packard adds, “I love seeing what happens to these guys once they realize that they are not just pieces of meat, but are true personalities with a variety of talents. It’s exciting to watch them develop and thrive and learn so many life lessons along the way.”

Tell the Ones I Love is available September 10th!

Tell the Ones I Love available September 10th!
Click on the album cover to order.

Steep Canyon Rangers came to my attention with Steve Martin’s “Atheists Don’t Have No Songs”.  The song was meant to be a comedic turned out to be one of the most beautiful harmonies every recorded.

There music is perfectly described in this quote.

When people hear good music, it makes them homesick for something they never had, and never will have.
E. W. Howe

Atheists Don’t Have No Songs by Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers

Tomorrow, September 10th is RELEASE DAY for TELL THE ONES I LOVE
The new SCR album, produced by Larry Campbell at the famed Levon Helm Studio in Woodstock NY features 12 original songs, including the title track and current single.

“The new Steep Canyon Rangers album proves that bluegrass isn’t stuck in the past. I especially enjoyed the thoughtful title track, a meditation on mortality with relentless, even cheerful movement that embodies time charging forward, sometimes against our will.”
-Sadie Dingfelder Washington Post Express
“Tell the Ones I Love, has a wonderfully open, warm, and breathy sound to it, probably because much of it was recorded live. Steep Canyon Rangers are all solid players, so that’s not a surprise, and neither is how good the songs are, really, but this time out, it all comes together with the grace of a summer breeze.”
-Steve Leggett AllMusic
Click photo for tour dates
Listen to the band Live from Studio B at WNCW on release day, Tuesday, Sept. 10th at 3:00 pm Eastern. Tune in to If you can’t listen live, visit the website for a video of their visit and performance.
On Wednesday, September 11th at 11:00 am Eastern, tune in to Kyle Cantrell’s Bluegrass Junction show on Sirius XM for an exclusive track-by-track interview with band members and songwriters Charles Humprey III and Graham Sharp.
Click photo to watch a teaser for
“Tell the Ones I Love”
Just in time to celebrate the release of Tell The Ones I Love is the Steep Canyon Rangers’ 8th Annual Mountain Song Festival in beautiful Brevard, NC on September 13 and 14th, a benefit for the Boys and Girls Club of Transylvania County. Music starts at 5:30 pm on Friday and 2:00 pm on Saturday.
Friday’s lineup: Steep Canyon Rangers, The O’Brien 3, and the Carolina Chocolate Drops.
Saturday’s lineup: Balsam Range, Shannon Whitworth, Shawn Camp, Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn, and Steep Canyon Rangers. And you never know what special guests might drop in!
In September, SCR will be at the Americana Music Association’s festival in Nashville and the IBMA World of Bluegrass Conference, Awards Show and Wide Open Bluegrass in Raleigh, NC. Their AMA showcase is Thursday, Sept. 19th at 3rd and Lindsley: . They’ll also be a part of the Bluegrass Situation’s Midnight Windup on Wed. Sept. 18th, after the Awards Show.
Steep Canyon Rangers are proud to be hosting this year’s IBMA Awards on Thurs. Sept. 26th. They will showcase at IBMA on Wed. Sept. 25th and perform at Wide Open Bluegrass on Sat. Sept. 28 at the Red Hat Amphitheatre with Steve Martin special guest Edie Brickell. Visit and

One of the country’s biggest Horror and Paranormal Conventions kicks off it’s 2013 event on Friday the 13th.

2012 Scarefest attendees.  Photo copyright Suzanne Philips

2012 Scarefest attendees. Photo copyright Suzanne Philips

The Lexington Convention Center will be the site of the 2013 Scarefest Convention which starts next week.  The event will feature 3 days of Horror and Paranormal Celebrities, vendors and panels – allowing fans to interact with their favorite stars.

Convention organizer Patti Starr assures that they have doubled the space of the convention this year and they will not sell out of tickets. Bigger aisles, a concession stand in the event and a better strategy to get in and out of the panels will all make this year’s event even better than before.

Fans can expect to see their favorite stars such as Malcolm McDowell, Rutina Wesley and other stars from “True Blood”, Chandler Riggs from “The Walking Dead”, Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin and Billy Tolley from “Ghost Adventures”, Josh Gates from “Destination Truth”, Grant Wilson, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango from “Ghost Hunters” and many more.

Tickets for the 2013 Scarefest are $25 for Friday and Saturday and $15 for Sunday and will be available at the door.  For more information, check out

CFM Entertainment News will be covering this great event, so check back next weekend for all of the great coverage!

Mark Gatiss.  Photo copyright Tafriha Ahmed

Mark Gatiss. Photo copyright Tafriha Ahmed

Sacha Dhawan (Last Tango In Halifax, Being Human; The History Boys), John Castle (I, Claudius), Louise Jameson (Doctor Who, Doc Martin) and Una Stubbs (Sherlock, Til Death Do Us Part) will star in The Tractate Middoth, a brand new drama for BBC Two this Christmas.

They will be joined in the cast by David Ryall (The Village); Eleanor Bron (Bedazzled, Women In Love, Absolutely Fabulous); Nick Burns (Nathan Barley) and Roy Barraclough (Coronation Street).

Written and directed by Mark Gatiss – his directorial debut – this new half-hour drama is a chilling adaptation of MR James’s short story and will see a return of the cherished ghost story to BBC Two at Christmas.

In a quiet academic library, John Eldred (Castle) seeks out the help of young Mr Garrett (Dhawan) in his search for a seemingly obscure Hebrew text. But there is something unusual about this book and something not entirely scholarly about Eldred’s intentions. Soon, Garrett’s hunt for the Tractate Middoth provokes terrifying apparitions in the library and a vengeful menace from beyond the grave.

Mark Gatiss says: “The wonderful adaptations of MR James’s tales that I saw on TV as a child have been a lasting inspiration to me. I’m delighted to restore the tradition of a BBC ‘Ghost Story for Christmas’ and bring to life a personal favourite – The Tractate Middoth – one of James’s most atmospheric, thrilling, and downright scary tales.”

Mark Bell, Commissioning Editor for Arts, says: “In his ghost stories MR James displays a beguiling mixture of dry wit, singular erudition and a joyful enthusiasm for the macabre. Mark Gatiss shares the same attributes and it is tremendously exciting to be working on both a new drama and a documentary investigation of what made this great British eccentric tick.”

The drama will be complemented by a documentary, MR James: Ghost Writer (w/t) in which Mark Gatiss steps into the mind of MR James, the enigmatic English master of the supernatural story. A long-time admirer of James, Mark will explore how this donnish Victorian bachelor, conservative by nature and a devout Anglican, created tales that continue to chill readers more than a century on.

Viewers will join Mark on an atmospheric journey from James’s childhood home in Suffolk to Eton College and on to King’s College, Cambridge, the two institutions where James spent most of his life, venturing into ancient churches, dark cloisters and echoing libraries along the way. By following in James’s footsteps, Mark will attempt to uncover the secrets of his inspiration.

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