The Sledge Grits: An All Girl Rock Band

The Sledge Grits: An All Girl Rock Band. A female rock band. Not many of these around now-a-days. These talented young ladies play
their own instruments and write their own music. Talk about girl power!  Truly a musical inspirations for the next generation of music.


Photos Copyright Tafriha Ahmed 2013



CFM Music Scene met up with The Sledge Grits at the Game Changers
concert held by InsideTheDrop.Com at Victoria Gardens on September 28, 2013.



CFM: Hi! If you could introduce yourselves.

Grits: Hi, I’m Ella, I’m 16 and I play bass.
Grits: I’m bo-Pah, I’m 11 and I play drums.
Grits: I’m Keiko, I’m the guitarist and songwriter, and I’m 18.
Grits: I’m Mimi, I’m 13 and I’m the lead singer.

Grits: Keiko:  I’m actually 17. I just had my birthday.

CFM: Are you jumping age on us?
Grits: Oh my gosh. Every time I’m older, I forget what age I am.

CFM: I heard you guys are sisters. How did you guys decide “Hey I want to be a group?”

Grits: We moved to Southern California from Florida. We were going through a hard time. Our dad was
dyagnosed with “Multiple sclerosis”. We were having a hard time with our house. There were 15 of us in a
2 bedroom apartment. (And) it was a hard time; so we started taking guitar classes at our school and we
just kind of spread from there. We went to our own individual instruments. Then we were on the CBS Early Morning
Show, and thought this could be a really cool career, so we just went for it.


CFM: Do you guys play multiple instruments?

Grits: Bo_Pah: I originally started on the guitar with Keiko and Ella , my sisters.
Grits: Mimi: I play the piano too but I still play guitar. We all picked up different instruments.
Grits: Ella: I started off with guitar, so I know the basics. I really quickly went over to the bass. I pretty much stick with


CFM: You guys were covering a lot of songs? Who is your inspiration for 2013 right now?

Grits: Mimi: I don’t know. I’ve been listening to a lot of ‘Lorde’ and ‘Adele’.
Grits: bo-Pah: I love the people that are out there doing something different than what you always hear on the radio. Adele is
rocking that right now.
Grits: Keiko: Also ‘Pink’s’ new album which is just crazy. We love her.

CFM: Where can fans find you guys right now?

Grits: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We have a new website too. If you google “The Sledge Grits band” you will find us.
The Sledge Grits Band is giving away a free download of their single “Mr. Life’s A Party”. What are you waiting for?
Click the link below to download the rocking song!

You can follow The Sledge Grits on Twitter: @SledgeGritsBand


Author: Tafriha Ahmed

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