Bands: Last Stop Booking Has 6 Ways Get More People To Your Shows

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One thing that most bands have in common is the search for fans. Last Stop Booking has some excellent ideas. The emphasis is on having the band members staying active. Take turns and work on different days,  do whatever it take to make sure you are active on Facebook and Twitter.

Two or more posts everyday and make sure you respond to anyone who posts on your page or comments on your page. Remember you feel like a normal person but you aren’t to the fans. Think about how excited you would be if your favorite band took the time to respond to your post or comment.

“Do you sometimes feel that your band’s draw is languishing? Are you tired of seeing the same people at your shows and want to play to a new crowd, even in your hometown?

If you’re like most musicians, you know that you absolutely can do better, that you have more fans out there than who actually show up at the venue, and despite always receiving positive feedback, you don’t know why more people aren’t showing up. Here are some tips on building some momentum back into your tour dates so you can increase your band’s draw:”

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