New Paranormal/Supernatural Novel “Things Half In Shadow” By Alan Finn To Be Released December 30th

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Author Alan Finn is releasing his new novel “Things Half In Shadow” on December 30th just in time for all of those post-holiday flights and days off.

Set in post Civil War Philadelphia, the story follows Edward Clark, a newspaper crime reporter with a questionable past.  Clark is happy working the crime beat and spending time with his well-to-do fiancee until his boss gives him an assignment to write a series of exposes on the city’s mediums and expose them for the frauds that everyone connected with the newspaper knows them to be.  Somewhat reluctantly, Clark joins forces with a shady medium – the beautiful, young Lucy Collins – in an effort to expose the cities other mediums and their tricks.

Finn’s writing is very descriptive and immerses the reader immediately into the world of nineteenth-century Philadelphia.  The characters are well sketched out and engaging and the book is so well written that one can become lost in the story and lose track of time.  “Things Half In Shadow” offers something for fans of many different genres – History, Paranormal, Supernatural, Crime and Magic are all explored throughout the story.  Many authors who touch on Paranormal subjects often treat them with a level of disdain that is nowhere to be found in Finn’s writing.

The book has a feel that reminded this reader of Sarah Pinborough’s novel “Mayhem” and even slightly of the television program “Ripper Street” with its ability to draw the reader into another time and place. I think everyone who picks up this book will be very pleased that they did.

“Things Half In Shadow” will be released in both paperback and ebook form on December 30th from Gallery Books.  Check your local book seller or for more info.

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