David Morrissey Talks “The Walking Dead” At 2015 Wizard World Comic Con Las Vegas

David Morrissey with his misspelled name plate at the 2015 Wizard World Las Vegas Comic Con. photo copyright S. Philips


Popular Star of “The Walking Dead” delights fans at Las Vegas event.

Article and photos by Suzanne Philips


David Morrissey of "The Walking Dead". photo copyright S. Philips
David Morrissey of “The Walking Dead”. photo copyright S. Philips


David Morrissey plays a villain really well.  Just ask anyone who has seen him as “The Governor” on “The Walking Dead”.  He is the guy everyone hates – he burned down the prison, he killed beloved character Hershel – this is not a nice dude.  When Morrissey attended the San Diego Comic Con after his first season on the show, 10,000 people booed him when he walked out on stage.

It’s a testament to what a great actor he is that he is so hated, because Morrissey is a really nice guy and fantastic to all his fans.  His acting career has spanned more than 20 years in everything from film to television to mini-series and even a very memorable stint on “Doctor Who”.

Fans of this popular actor lined up to pack the auditorium to ask questions about his time on the show and find out more about their favorite series, “The Walking Dead”.






When asked what his favorite character was to play, Morrissey said “when you do a role, you get so involved (in that character) that becomes your favorite.  Then you go on to the next role and that one is now your favorite.” The good thing about working on “The Walking Dead” was that you were “constantly working from the time you got to the set.  There wasn’t a lot of sitting around.”, which is very common on other film and television sets.

One of the biggest challenges Morrissey faced as “the Governor” was wearing the iconic eyepatch.  After a long day of filming, he would take off the eyepatch and his eye would have a hard time adjusting to light and he would have to drive home using one eye.  He would also constantly bump into things on-set as his depth perception was off.




One fan asked about the last day on the set of Scott Wilson who played beloved character Hershel, who was killed by David Morrissey’s character on the show.  Morrissey said everyone on the crew wore suspenders on that day to honor Hershel who wore suspenders on the show.  Morrissey and Wilson are good friends in real life and Morrissey said that was a really hard day on set. “There were lots of tears”, he said, “I felt really bad.  Whenever you lose someone on the show it’s really tough because everyone gets on really well.”   He went on to say that the Governor knew that by killing Hershel it would mean that “he would be killed.  Michonne was right there and she was really the target of his hatred (for killing his daughter, Penny).”  But he knew that by killing Hershel that he, in turn, would be killed.




When going back in this past season for the flashback scene, Morrissey says “the Governor came back really quickly. Once I put that eyepatch on, I was right back into character.”

He went on to delight the audience with his glee at some of his favorite Zombie killing scenes from the show, and chuckled recalling some of the more brutal scenes in the series.




Morrissey was definitely on everyone’s list of must see panels and photos ops at the convention, and if you have the chance to see him at an event near you, I highly recommend you check it out!





Author: Suzanne Philips
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