Sean Patrick Flanery. photo copyright S. Philips

Sean Patrick Flanery. photo copyright S. Philips


A definitely not safe for work panel featuring Sean Patrick Flanery and David Della Rocco cracking wise and encouraging the use of profanity at Las Vegas Wizard World Comic Con.

Article and photos by Suzanne Philips


David Della Rocco. photo copyright S. Philips

David Della Rocco. photo copyright S. Philips


Fans of the cult hit “Boondock Saints” films are very passionate about the films and their actors.  It’s really like a little “Boondock” family, either you are in it or you don’t get it.  At the Wizard World Comic Con in Las Vegas this past weekend, attendees let their “Boondock” flag fly – dressing up like their favorite characters, sporting their fave “Boondock” shirts, and getting autographs and photos with stars Sean Patrick Flanery (Connor MacManus) and David Della Rocco (Rocco).




While other panels at the event held at the Las Vegas Convention Center had moderators and introductions, not so “The Boondock Saints”.  David Della Rocco wandered in and took a seat on stage and Sean Patrick Flanery soon followed and the boys just started talking about….well whatever the f*^% they wanted to really.

Definitely not a panel for those easily offended – but really if you were,  would you attend a “Boondock Saints” panel?? – Flanery was on a rant about the need for profanity because “do you want to hear your friend say, I met a really pretty girl or I met an f-ing pretty girl?” and filming on the Saints films.

When asked why they thought that the films became such cult hits, they had this to say:



Fans of course wanted to know about the rumored “The Boondock Saints 3” script and when it might be filmed and both actors gave hysterical answers when asked about the third installment.



Flanery also told the beginning part of a hysterical story about co-star Norman Reedus (Murphy MacManus) calling him from a hotel room after being kidnapped, which you can read for yourself at his blog  Della Rocco was fairly quiet throughout but was prompted to tell a joke and responded to what he thought might happen in “The Boondock Saints 3”, which he answered with “I’m F-ing dead!”.




Fans passed around jello shots and spent the entire 45 minutes in hysterics as they shared their favorite moments from the films and shared their love for the actors.  Sean Patrick Flanery summed it up when he said that as much love as the fans get from seeing the stars and talking to them, the stars get it back 1,000 times.  Flanery said that having someone come up and lather you with praise for something you did 20 years ago that made an impact in their lives is the best gift he could ever have been given.  He went on to thank the fans that he wakes up every morning to loads of tweets from fans and how much he loves them all and enjoys meeting them.




So, “Boondock Saints 3”?  Well, we will just have to see what progresses and when we might get another installment in this great franchise.