CFM News The Walking Dead Star Tyler James Williams Visits Walker Stalker Fan Fest During San Diego Comic Con 2015

Article and photos copyright Suzanne Philips

Tyler James Williams.  photo copyright Suzanne Philips
Tyler James Williams. photo copyright Suzanne Philips


The Walker Stalker Fan Fest, which brings starts of shows like The Walking Dead together with fans, held a great event at Petco Park during the 2015 San Diego Comic Con last weekend.

Star Tyler James Williams who played beloved character “Noah” on the hit show spoke about the show, his life in showbiz and took questions from fans during his 45 minute panel.

William’s character, Noah, was introduced in the hospital in Atlanta where Beth was taken after being abducted.  Williams originally was only meant to be on the show for 3 episodes.  He was meant to die in the hospital but didn’t know exactly when he would be killed off.

He and Emily Kinney who played “Beth” on the show “didn’t set out to play the scenes as if there were a budding romance between them”, says Williams but “when I watched them when they aired, it looked like we did it on purpose”.


The cast and crew of The Walking Dead are a big family and whenever a character dies, the whole group feels the loss. Noah’s death was particularly heart-wrenching for both the creators and the fans alike.

Williams said that “when I got the script it wasn’t completely clear how he would die.  It just said “Noah gets ripped apart”.  I wasn’t sure what that meant.  When we got there on the day, we just worked it all out.”  Williams feels that when Noah says to Glenn “You have to go on”, it was a very important moment and meant more than just going on without Noah and leaving him to die, it meant that he had to continue to be a good person and fight for their way of life.

For the death scene in the revolving doors, they made a bust of William’s face by making a mock up with a material similar to that which they use to make casts and then creating a life-like replica of his face.  Williams has some selfies with the bust which he said was pretty creepy.  He also hasn’t really been able to go through revolving doors since shooting the episode.  He would be out with friends and he wouldn’t want to go through the doors and his friends wouldn’t understand it because no one had seen the episode yet and he couldn’t talk about it.


copyright Suzanne Philips
copyright Suzanne Philips


Everyone always talks about how The Walking Dead is a fantastic cast of actors and they have a great fanbase and Williams agrees.  He is “getting used to the Walking Dead world.  Once you are a part of it you are a part of it for life.  Years and years down the line, you will still be talking about it.” (talking about the show).

“There are great actors on this show.  Everyone is trained and focused. ” Williams says.  “When you have all of your characters driving towards one goal, that is when the show is the best. ”

Unlike other projects, the actors of the Walking Dead have no egos.  “The tone is set by Andy (Lincoln who plays Rick on the show) and he has no ego whatsoever.”.

“The fans are a big part of the show and are always very supportive and what makes the show so amazing” concluded Williams.

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