Vyper Studios Prepares to Release Beany Stalk

Beany Stalk

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Vyper Studios new game Beany Stalk let you swipe and bounce your way up to thrilling heights whilst avoiding and destroying a myriad of obstacles and flying enemies. Armed with 27 different chicken suits (each with unique and exciting abilities) YOU get to choose the suit that works best for your style of gaming! Collect (or earn) just 5 of Beany Stalk’s golden eggs to play the egg-grabber and unlock a new suit, and you’ll be riding beans, shooting fireballs or even turning enemies into flowers in no time!

Beany Stalk will be available to download soon. You can see which of your friends can make it the highest with Twitter and Facebook integration, sharing your victories have never been easier!

Beany Stalk is the 3rd iOS title (and the greatest) from Vyper Studios a company that has become synonymous with original and fun gaming titles.

Vyper Studios was started in 2015 to address the growing numbers of mobile gamers wanting truly original gaming experiences. Beany Stalk fulfills this need by offering a truly unique gameplay system, 26 different characters, each with their own personalities and allows players to select a gaming style that suits them the best.

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  1. Hiya! We have recently changed studio names! So instead of Vyper Studios, we are now known as Primordial Echo! 🙂
    Our new website is http://www.primordial-echo.com and our new Twitter handle is @PrimEcho_Dan – here you can find all the latest game news from us and from around the world!

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