Beef N Brew Red Bluff, CA

Beef and Brew Red Bluff CA 2016 Rolling Hills Casino
Rolling Hills Casino “Shepherd’s Pie” was wonderful. The chef promised to add it to the menu if they won the Best Appetizer Contest again this year.

Red Bluff is a small town in northern California. It is just the right size for community events. People are polite and still say, excuse me.

Tonight there was a whole lot of beer and a whole lot of people having fun.

We do like cows. If you have seen the 1994  movie “8 Seconds” or followed the career of Lane Frost you have seen parts of Red Bluff. Lane Frost was the only one that could stay on Red Rock the bull for 8 seconds. Our bull.

The story of Beef N Brew

It was brainstorming that started with a need to liquidate an overstock of monogrammed wine glasses; it was magic and a huge leap that turned the thought process into one of Red Bluff’s and the North state’s most popular craft brew and beef tasting events, Beef ‘N Brew.

In the spring of 2009 the Tehama County CattleWomen, (TCCW) and the Downtown Red Bluff Business Association (DRBBA) joined talents and efforts to promote downtown businesses and the local beef industry. More of the story.

I don’t like beer.
My husband thought with all those types a beer that there would be one that I liked.
He was wrong.
It turns out that beer with different flavors, in those beautiful bottle, brewed by very nice people… still tastes like beer.
I don’t like beer.
My husband said the beers were very good and there was something profoundly wrong with my taste buds.

The beef appetizers is where I excelled! The food was both delicious and plentiful.

We both thought the best part Beef N Brew was the people.
We visited shops for the first time. The main street is Main Street. The traffic downtown is heavy and sadly we have stopped visiting the shops.
OK, I admit we think 7 cars is a traffic jam but it is a busy part of town.

Red Bluff is constantly changing. The dress shops and shoe store have disappeared. The antique shops have given way to beautiful boutique stores. Tonight the stores invited everyone to sample various beers, buy unique items and browse to our hearts content.

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