Video Game Release: Mutant Duck Invasion is Quackening Nov 12th!

Mutant Duck Invasion Battle impossible bosses.

Game Title: Mutant Duck Invasion
Age: Developer suggests ages 8 and up (cartoon style violence) it involves some reading.
Release date: Approximately 12th Nov 2016
Genre(s): Arcade, strategy.
Platforms: Android then iOS (iPhone and iPad) coming soon
Developer/Publisher: Primordial Echo Pty Ltd

Cost: Free. Ads to continue game at beginning of current attack wave and also to spin for rewards. In app purchases also there to earn upgrades/items sooner.

Description: Mutant Duck Invasion places you in the thick of a war between your city and an incoming invasion of deadly mutant ducks! It is your job to defend your city by shooting the hordes of ducks with upgradeable (and fun) offensive fireworks, trying to cause a chain reaction of exploding ducks on your screen!

Fireworks can: burn, stick, explode and freeze invading ducks and in turn, the ducks when destroyed will: shoot, electrocute, explode, ignite, or dissolve their invading brethren leading to some wild and humorous chain reactions! Simply tap to fire from 1 or 2 fireworks cannons and strategize which ducks to take out to cause the biggest and most pleasing chain reactions. You’ll have to have your wits about you facing this onslaught and be ready to upgrade as soon as you can in preparation for the fantastical invading mutant duck boss battles!

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