Odd News Odder Comments: Man Attacks Homeless Mannequin

Man arrested after attack on homeless person ‘decoy’ LAS VEGAS (AP) —

“A man accused of attacking a mannequin that Las Vegas police positioned to resemble a homeless person following two slayings remained jailed Friday. The report says Schindler, 30, approached the “decoy,” looked around for traffic and struck it with a 4-pound engineer’s hammer he had in a bag. Surveillance video captured the incident.”

Odd News Comments

My favorite comment:
I wouldn’t even treat my blow-up doll like that…
People can’t let it go. Some how, some way  Trump is brought into the comments. It doesn’t matter if it is sad, serious or funny, they make Trump related comment.
 See trump was right about Mexicans.
Best of the best:
Hitting people with a hammer ain’t funny, unless your Bugs Bunny then it’s funny.
Hope the D.A. can nail him in court.
Do you know what time it is ? It’s HAMMER time ! ; )

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