You'll Want to Google What Your Hedgehog Looks Like After Reading This

When BuzzFeed’s deputy global news director, Ryan Broderick, put out a call for the internet to Google search their first names plus “the hedgehog,” he exposed one of the coolest internet tricks you probably never knew existed. When Twitter users followed his cryptic instructions, they discovered that when you Google your name along with “the hedgehog,” most likely you’ll get a customized cartoon version of the popular ’90s animated classic, Sonic the Hedgehog.

The results appear to be random images drawn by artists, and each hedgehog looks uniquely different based upon your first name, which makes the outcome even more fascinating and fun to try. Read on to see all of the epic Google search results people found and prepare to be overcome with major nostalgia.

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Rosalita Moog (curated content)

Author: Terry Carter

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