Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited Needs Your Help With Sundown

Little Caitlin Blackwood captured our hearts as Amelia Pond watching The Doctor spit out apples and eat fish fingers and custard.

Caitlin Blackwood was nine when she took on the task of working with Matt SmithMatt Smith (#11 The Doctor) has a strong presence that could have overwhelmed her, but she easily rose to the challenge. We quickly learned that Caitlin Blackwood wasn’t chosen to play Amelia Pond because she is the cousin of Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) but because she is a good actress.

Caitlin Blackwood is currently working on the indie film Sundown.

Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon) traveled with The Doctor (#2 Patrick Troughton). Sure, he has done many other projects, but once a companion always a companion. Whovians are enthusiastic and I  love that Hines has embraced us. If you watch current interviews with Hines and a Whovian reporter you can see that he loves Whovians, The Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon . He made me fall in love with him.

I receive too many requests to help with everyone’s funding.  This time I donated. 

Frazer Hines is the reason I donated to Sundown on Indiegogo. He is smart, articulate and my inner fan girl is well…SQUEE!

The wonderful thing about Doctor Who is that Jamie and The Doctor are in the TARDIS swirling through the time vortex having an adventure. Gotta love time travel.

The Doctor (#2 Patrick Troughton) left and Jamie MacCrimmon (Frazer Hines) on the right.

Outlander star Sam Heughan’s character Jamie Fraser is named after him. Its an amalgam of his name and that of his character Jamie MacCrimmon

Frazer Hines is currently working on the indie film Sundown.

Sundown tells the story of William (Hines), a man in his 70s who is taken on a timeless journey through the eyes of Abi (Blackwood)’ to come to terms with his own mortality.” On a personal level, I am old and Sundown comes just as I am being treated for breast cancer. Hopefully, the story will give me and other patients with serious illness comfort.

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You can support Sundown by visiting their funding campaign on Indiegogo


Former Doctor Who companions Caitlin Blackwood and Frazer Hines’ have teamed up with award winning and BAFTA nominated film’ director Ryan Hendrick for the short drama, Sundown.’ Sundown tells the story of William (Hines), a man in his 70s who’ is taken on a timeless journey through the eyes of Abi (Blackwood)’ to come to terms with his own mortality.

Caitlin Blackwood said, “I think this project is important in’ terms of highlighting the issues the film delves into, I have the’ opportunity to bring a youthful insight to a role that you’d’ normally expect to played by an older actor.” Blackwood still only’ 16 famously rolled onto our screens at the tender age of 9 in the’ BBC’s
Doctor Who‘ as the young Amelia Pond opposite Matt Smith. The’ character went on to be played as an adult by Caitlin’s real life’ cousin Karen Gillan.’ Frazer Hines star of’ Emmerdale, Doctor Who’ and’ Outlander’ said,’ “Sundown is a beautiful script that really gives both myself and’ Caitlin the chance to really shine as two very real and complex’ characters.”

Director and Co-Writer Ryan Hendrick describes the emotional drama’ as, “a story about how a person’s perception on life can change’ once they accept their own mortality. Our goal is to explore these’ ideas and try to give a subjective view from a fresh perspective.”’ His writing partner Clare Sheppard said, “On the surface, William’ is on a journey we all must travel eventually, but dig a little’ deeper and you realise, his is a road we’re all already on. I am’ very, very proud to be involved with this film.”

Sundown marks the 3rd screenwriting venture between Hendrick and’ Sheppard. Their last short film’ Perfect Strangers‘ enjoyed’ worldwide success after receiving more than 18 film festival’ selections, 3 awards and 4 nominations including BAFTA Scotland’ Nomination for Clare Sheerin in the Best Actress category.
Their 2nd venture is the upcoming road movie’ Journey Bound’ starring Ford Kiernan, Clare Grogan, Sylvester McCoy, James Kirk‘ and Caitlin Blackwood to name a few.’ The writing pair certainly have high hopes that Sundown will climb’ a similar ladder of success as their previous venture, “This is a’ story that needs to be told. It carries a universal theme that’ everyone can relate to.”
The film’s Producer, BAFTA Award Winner David Newman said, “We’re’ planning to take this short film to the next level. We achieved a’ milestone in terms of production values on’ Perfect Strangers‘ , so’ this time we need raise the bar even higher. This is why we’ launched a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo. We have the’ workings of a beautiful film with an excellent and well loved pair’ of actors. I have high hopes for Sundown.”’ Sundown is due to start filming this summer.’

You can support Sundown by visiting their funding campaign on Indiegogo

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