How Saturday Night Live Awkwardly Grappled with the Louis CK Allegations

Louis C.K. photo courtesy NBC and Saturday Night Live

Comedian Tiffany Haddish made her S.N.L. debut in the shadow of yet another week filled with sexual assault and misconduct allegations levied against powerful men. It was especially crucial that S.N.L. nail the latest batch of headlines featuring the likes of Republican candidate Roy Moore, actor Ed Westwick, and George Takei given the fourth big name to make the rounds this week: Louis C.K.

The comedian, who has admitted there is truth to the sexual misconduct claims against him, not only hosted Saturday Night Live four times, but also worked as a writer with Robert Smigel on the erstwhile “TV Funhouse” shorts. How would the show—which has been a little slow this season to address the late-breaking misdeeds of moguls, politicians, and actors—treat one of its own? The answer is very gingerly.

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