Filmmaking – Is it a Serious Profession?

Well, Filmmaking described in layman’s terms (without using any high level Gre words) as the process of making a film, from an first story idea through script writing, shooting, editing and finally distributing. Filmmaking is a platform for all those who can prove their abundance of creative talents to the world or to his / her country. It is also a profession. Many have a wrong notice that it is a hobby or for people who are lazy to do a job.

It is a highly respected field in other countries such as the US But in countries like India – particularly the South region, this field is not respected as outside. People in the South have a notice that Filmmaking is a lazy route to success. Maybe, it gives money & fame in a shorter period when compared to other fields, but unlike other fields, if you do not keep up your standard after success, your fame will fade away in the course of time. But the fame you get in other fields will not fade away just in a course of time. It would be a long-lasting one. And my friends, it’s not a lazy route to success.


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