Film Making – A Booming Industry

World over, watching movies is the most preferred form of entertainment. When you go to a theater to watch a very awaited flick you have lots of hopes form the same. The films' characters and story takes you to a whole new world where you live their emotions, excitement, trauma, drama and action. You fall so much in love with these characters some times that you just want the film to go on and on. It is like living a different life for a few hours. That is the magic of movies!

Here are certain economic facts of this blooming industry that is the film making industry and its impact as an employment generator:

1. Being one amongst the most preferred sources of entertainment across the globe, the film industry witnesses over $ 6.5 billion of revenues every year.

2. This industry creates big images and names that are glamorous and become ideals for many that are the actors and sometimes the producers and director of the film. Yet, we hardly know the actual power behind this giant media the huge crew and the hefty team of technicians like the set designers, sound recordists, editors, casting person, location scouts, electrical technology people, make-up artists, publicity designers, and several others.

3. The Hollywood filmmakers produce & distribute as many as 400 to 500 films year after year, and the Americans invest several billion dollars in this industry by purchasing the DVDs and watching these films. DVDs are since a very lucrative part of the filmmaking industry. There are thousands and lacs of audience who watch the film at the convenience of their homes through these DVDs. DVD marketing is there before a growing trend. These include feature films, industrial & informational films, etc.

4. The growing spread of the film making industry has given rise to plethora of employment opportunities in this glamorous filed. Those who are actually considering a career in this field can easily reap the benefits of this boom.

5. The emergence of satellite & the internet has played a major role in delivering the films to the world. They have boosted up the film making industry tremendously. Films earn at least 40% of their total revenue through international sales and these sales increase Rather are created and culinated only through the satellites and the World Wide Web or the internet.

6. This means that there is a lot of liability in the television industry these days. Those of you who are interested in a serious career in filmmaking and television, believe the opportunities out there are endless, all you need is determination and caliber.

7. New York city is the hub of shootings of these films and television programs that bring is a great deal of revenue for the city's economy.

8. The opportunities actually lie in the less glamorous off the screen jobs like production assistants and the set construction workers, etc. These low profile jobs further pave way to the higher positions.

9. Also this boom is resulting in a need to have a big distribution network, therefore a lot of major studios are now embracing the concept of DVD rentals & cable.

10. While this flourishing industry has something in store for everyone out there, many of you may realize that this is not your cup of tea. If that is so, step out in time, else it'll be too late. But the key words in this field are patience and hard work. Until and after you get a higher paying job, keep trying your hand with determination and sporting spirit.

11. There are several new comers required for the glamorous jobs as well like directing, acting, camera operation, screenwriting, grip, production, etc. With the apt attitude & patience, you might be fortunately enough to find a producer or a director who takes you in his crew time and again due to your good work.

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