Tips For Starting An Indie Game Studio Part: II Defining Your Customer Base

Don’t get lost finding your Indie Game Company slot.

Tips For Starting An Indie Video Game Studio Part: 1

Who will be playing and who will be paying?

Your Indie Game Studio needs a target group!

It won’t be easy to define your buyer base, but it is essential.  Defining your Indie Game customer base sets the roadmap for your business.

This is a business! It is a fun business, but it is a business.!

Good video games + bad business practices = broke puppy looking for a job.

Once you have found your characters and where they are going in the game you are only part of the way home.

You Indie Game Studio needs a clear idea about whom your video game is for. Write it down and make sure everyone working on the game knows exactly who you are targeting.

It is very, very, very important to know: who will be buying your video game.

If you aren’t rich enough to advertise your game on national TV you can market your game effectively on social media platforms.

Social media allows you to home in on your target group.

An example of stupid people not knowing where their product is going are Internet Marketers that believe they can do nothing and earn thousands of dollars.

The marketer buys  a “Secret” from an Internet marketing guru.
1. Buy his/her book.
2. Set up social media accounts as a young woman.
3. Steal or buy a photo of a young woman showing cleavage.
4. Sit back and wait for people to follow you.
5. Make a few sexy posts.
6. When people start following your posts closely put in an ad for your product.
7. Wait for the orders to come rolling in!

1. The first thing the marketer needs to do is find a product to sell. You already have a product so you are good to go.  
2. The guru tells the marketer he needs to get a Facebook and Twitter account.
3. For this example, let’s say our marketer decides to sell ladies shoes for older women . Obviously, he will want to attract older women to buy the shoes.

The marketer follows the recommendations of the guru.
4. He finds a photo of a scantily clad young woman for his avatar. 
5. He sets up his profile as this young woman.
6. He gets lots of friends requests.
7. He is happy with his accounts.
8. It is time to start selling shoes.

This is exactly how the gurus suggest internet marketers start out.

The marketer makes a wonderful post to sell his awesome shoes for older women and waits for the money to roll in.

He is very disappointed, not one shoe order came in and he sees his beach vacation wash out to sea. He followed the steps, but his  online business failed.

His problem? His social media accounts were attracting the wrong people for his products. A sexy female avatar will usually attract young men or teenager boys not the older women that would like the shoes he is trying to sell.

Social media is a  great way to get the name of your game and Indie Game Studio out the public if you need to attract the right followers.

You need a two-part plan for selling your game. 

Part 1: Advertising – to the buyers
a.  Money.
b.  Social media with the right people following you.

Part 2: Advertising – to the players.

That is simple and very difficult at the same time.


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