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Call Me Cat

Call me cat starring award winning Mayim Bialik is a Fox program that now airs on Thursday night.

Call Me Kat Episode 1


The cast makes you feel that they are really friends. Call Me Kat is centered around Katharine Edith Silver. Kat quit her job as a math professor and using the money her parents had saved for her wedding opened a cat cafe. Real cats are on the set and are included in the story line. Would I eat there with cats jumping on tables, probably not. However I will watch the show. The writers get me. I AM Kat!

The minimalist sets and the stage like quality of Call Me Kat makes it fun to watch comedy again. 

We get to hear what Kat is thinking when the third wall  is broken.

In a conversation she has with her waitress Randi, played by Kyla Pratt she admits to social anxiety.  She explains how bad it is, “A man got into my car yesterday thinking it was an Uber, but I didn’t want to make him feel bad so I just drove them all the way to the airport.”

Kat finds out her unrequited crush from college Max is working in the bar next door. Max is played by the gorgeous Cheyenne Jackson. Social anxiety rears it’s ugly head and Kat spins a story about a husband and family, then finds out Max is still single. Awkwardness follows a new spin on the story to explain the fake husbands and kids. She ends in a joke that Max gets. She tells the audience, “He gets me.”

Max has returned from Paris after breaking up with Bridgette. We get to see Bridgette as Kat sees Bridgette in her head. Bridgette is played by the gorgeous Schuyler Helford. Kat does what most of have done, have a conversation with your crush’s ex in your head. The fictitious Bridgette is every normal woman’s ex girlfriend head invader. You can’t seem to measure up in your imagination.

Kat’s mom Shelia on Call Me Cat is played by Swoosie Kurtz. She is obsessed with getting her daughter married to a nice man or any man for that matter. She views Kat’s 39 year old singleness to be her worst personal failure.

Phil is my favorite character on the show! Well played by Leslie Jordan. He is the baker at the Kat cafe and friends with Kat. When Kat gets a plus one invitation she talks about the one place where Phil has always wanted to attend a party. Kat takes Phil as her plus one and they have a ball.  They danced the night away.  Her mother was mortified to see Kat line dancing with the much older, shorter Phil to Get Up.

She wanted to bring her friend Phil.

Kat, “I wanted to bring a designated dance partner someone she could gossip with about how much everybody drank and who was freezing the fat off their ass and injecting it into their face.

Phil, “That woman Lisa.”

Kat, “Thank you”.

The writers get me.

Phil and Kat discuss how difficult it can be being single again. Phil had recently broken up with Marty and had been at home completely alone for two weeks before being hired by Kat.The two feel stronger together.

Kat declares she loves her life and as she is leaving the table grabs her purse, the purse catches on the chair pulling it backwards. The purse strap being hopelessly tangled in the chair Kat continues to leave carrying the chair. The writers have seen me.

Randi played by Kyla Pratt is my least favorite character on Call Me Kat. Pratt is an actress strong enough to play off the very talented Bialik. Love the actress but not her character. Randi is  a worldly waitress that feels tipping is mandatory, even if she hands you a cup of coffee. As a former restaurant owner and waitress, I can tell you your waitress is the highest paid person in the store. Working my way through college as a waitress, I was asked to become a manager but I couldn’t afford the pay cut.

Julian Grant is Randi’s love interest and customer of the cat cafe. He does not believe in tipping and Randi has the nerve to demand a tip. He refuses to contribute to the system that  allow employers the luxury of a employee working for tips.

Last but not least in the Call Me Kat line up is the Green Pant Suit. Kat like many of us have the perfect outfit for formal events like weddings that we occasionally attend. Kat’s friend was renewing her vows and specially told her not to wear the Green Pant Suit again.

Kat wore it any way.

I like Call Me Kat it is light and fun. Occasionally, Kat and mom spontaneously start singing together. This and her visualizing Max’s ex are my favorite parts. My son and i would sing a song when the occasion arose right up to the time he realized I can’t sing.

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