The Equalizer 2021 Review Queen Latifah Is My Hero

Premiering after the super bowl gave me high hopes that this would be a good show. CBS had to think they had a winner on their hands. They were right, they do!

“The Equalizer” 2021  is a fun, fast paced, exciting show

The huge audience after the SuperBowl gave the first episode, the origin story of Robyn McCall the new Equalizer a boost. “The Equalizer” 2021 has it all, excellent actors that fit their parts, excitement, it keeps you engaged. The computer hacker’s equipment is top notch! They did not do the set on the cheap.

Now it’s my world #The Equalizer

— Queen Latifah (@IAMQUEENLATIFAH) February 8, 2021

Queen Latifah is a strong lead with great hair and wardrobe. She is impressive in the well choreographed fight scenes. Robyn and John Wick would be a good tag team.

“The Equalizer” 2021 is going to be a bright spot in a sometimes dreary lineup of prime time shows.

Is it predicable yes, but in a good way AND the hero isn’t a white man it is a black mom that brings new dimension to the story on several levels.

“The Equalizer” 2021 is a remake of the 80’s CBS series which stared Edward Woodward and the 2014 Denzel Washington movie.

Robyn McCall is a retired CIA star agent. She has traveled the world nabbing bad guys. There is a slight mention of problems when she was on a job in Venezuela. She now lives in New York with her teenage daughter and her Aunt Vi. Daughter Deliah (Laya DeLeon Hayes) stays with Aunt Vi (Lorraine Toussaint) when her mom is out of town on a job working for a nonprofit organization all these years. Her family has no idea she is a highly trained CIA agent.

The episode begins with a man being shot down in an alley. The problem, it was witnessed by a completely innocent woman just taking out the trash. Robyn sees the young woman (Lorna Courtney) paying a man that is supposed to protect her. When he and his friends attack her, Robyn steps in and saves her. Fists were flying. There were only four men so she easily karate chopped her way through them rescuing Jewel.

When a doctored video of Jewel shooting the man shows up at the  police station, Robyn goes to her retired friends for help. Computer hacker Harry Keshegian (Alan Goldberg) and sharp shooter Melody Bayani (Liza Lapira) step in to help clear Jewel. Those two are just pure fun for the viewers.

It turns out the person behind the killing is a billionaire entrepreneur. Robyn gets too close and gets captured. She is rescued by former agent William Bishop (Chris Noth) with his band of private security workers looking a lot like a SWAT team.

“The Equalizer” 2021 team was born. Robyn put the word out that she was there to help those that the police can’t help.

Let’s not forget a potential love interest for the divorced Robyn, Det. Marcus Dante (Tory Kittles). When he told Robyn he was going to find out how she was involved in all this and walks away all she can say is, “Damn”

“The Equalizer” will be in it’s regular 8 p.m. time slot on Feb. 14





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