One of My Favorite Mysteries Is Hour Glass by David Baldacci

When I’m not reading historical fiction, I enjoy a good mystery. “Hour Glass” was an excellent choice. I usually look to James Patterson or Michael Connelly for a great novel. Well, David Baldacci was equally as superb at writing when it came to producing this book. I had a hard time putting it down. It had me from the very beginning. I’ll be looking for this author for future reading enjoyment.

One thing I really enjoyed about his writing was the colorful descriptive style of content that I encountered. In this book mystery, the investigators named King and Maxwell are a highly entertaining team of detectives. It was non stop vibrant action while the smart serial killer always seemed to be one step ahead, in his twisted exploits. He seemed to always be clever and able to create complexities in his actions just enough to throw off the trailing duo as they sought him out and tried to solve the mystery.

The story setting is in a small community called Wrightsburg which was home to several well to do families. The Battle family was one of the richest residents there and was also at the center of the mystery. Despite their wealth, they were quite a dysfunctional clan.

Michelle Maxwell and Sean King were the heroes of the story. Eventually, they outsmarted him. They were very entertaining and likeable detectives. The local doctor, Sylvia Diaz, seemed very likeable too, until you discover that she has an evil role in the story. The real villain appears somewhat likeable at first but later you discover the truth. He is clever, intelligent and an accomplished painting artist. He is also involved with civil war reenactments as a hobby.

His sister, Savannah Battle is a genuine nice person whiles his mother, Remmy, is a stern woman whose bark is worse than her bite. The father, Bobby Battle, the kingpin, had made the family fortune and also created the dysfunction. Once he died, the family unraveled even further. Bobbie’s past misdeeds would come back to haunt the family as well as the community.

Eddie Battle when he was discovered and caught, then, becomes an escape artist. There is never a dull moment in this story. I highly recommend the book as well as the author and his talent. You too may find it a novel hard to put down if you enjoy the book as much as I did.


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